Síndrome Moscow – Quemando las Ciudades – Audio

The Spanish rock band Síndrome Moscow recently released the single Quemando las Ciudades.

Síndrome Moscow - Quemando las Ciudades

Síndrome Moscow

A staple of the website since their introduction in 2012 – Síndrome Moscow will by now, to regular readers, have a familiar sound.

After successful tours in the North Americas and Europe they have been able to find time to head to the studio and have kept to their reference point, in Quemando las Ciudades, which has served them well over these past few years.

Quemando las Ciudades – Single – Sindrome Moscow is available on iTunes.*

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Deaf Radio – Revolving Doors – Audio

The Greek alt-rock band Deaf Radio will be releasing the LP Alarm later in the year.

Deaf Radio - Photo by Dimitrios Karabatsos

Deaf Radio – Photo by Dimitrios Karabatsos

The first track to appear from the forthcoming album is the crunching Revolving Doors. The implicit industrialisation hammers against the ears while the deftly delivered vocal sweeps round the room, reminding me somewhat of the style of Dave Vanian of The Damned, giving the piece an intriguing counterpoint of texture.

Stretching to over four and a half minutes Deaf Radio build Revolving Doors through a natural line of progression and the track could happily extend for another half a minute without becoming a parody of itself.

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Thadeus Gonzalez – Diamond High – Audio

The rock band Thadeus Gonzalez from the USA release their eponymous LP on the 29th of July.

Thadeus Gonzalez

Thadeus Gonzalez

Centred around the trio of Scott Reategui RichardsNick Hernandez and Thadeus Gonzalez plus additional players, including synths – as makes sense. The band offers to the audience music with a quizzical thought about the ponderance of social mores, where to abuse is deemed to be of the accepted mainstream and to question is deemed subversive.

From the nine track album – the opener – Diamond High mewls around the paintwork ripping claws into the plaster with blistering bass and percussion which are the impetus of the music. The submerged guitar provides the off-stage whispers as the fluttering vocal gives the contextual, ironic, piquancy.

Thadeus Gonzalez demonstrate in the opening song their core message with the strung out languid six string guitar and skittish vocal which are the normal focal point, as being support to the bass and drum-kit whilst they ask the audience to look deeper than the veneer.

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Heaters – Garden Eater – Audio

The US psychedelic-garage trio Heaters release the LP Baptistina on the 5th of August.



Heaters fray the carpet ride of psychedelia with their fuzzy edges which billows clouds of thick blue smoke into the room as they combine lo-fi with intricacy, leaving the listener gazing glassy-eyed into the middle distance.

The meandering just under eight and a half minutes of the fifth of the nine tracks on Baptistina (available on bandcamp) – Garden Eater finds the audience foraging in the woods for mushrooms.

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Dirty Sound Magnet – Western Lie – Video

Dirty Sound Magnet is a psychedelic-rock band from Switzerland.

Dirty Sound Magnet

Dirty Sound Magnet

Pondering when would be appropriate moment to wear that tie-dyed kaftan? Dirty Sound Magnet provide the answer.

Word arrives that they are putting final touches to a new LP and the first track to surface from the forthcoming release is the title – Western Lie.

Four minutes of echoing delay spirals around the room leaving the listener counting the number of dragons that are dancing across the ceiling and wondering why they are all hallucinogenic purple.

I will come back to Dirty Sound Magnet in due course – for now I am off to contemplate writing a thesis on the energy of consciousness once I have finished eating this loaf of buttered toast and marmite.


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