à l’orange – At The Edge Of Things – Audio

à l’orange is a relatively new ambient-electronica project of Tim Kähler from Germany.

à l'orange

à l’orange

Although there just is only one LP to have surfaced, which came out at the end of last month (this has been in my sight for over a week now, so apologies for the delay in getting to it), the fourteen track Unexpected Days (available on bandcamp) lasts for about three quarters of an hour there is plenty to get to hear.

The material is best listened to with a glass of wine to hand whilst reclining, as the softness of sound drifts steadily around the head. The eleventh track on the album, which also happens to be the most abrasive – At The Edge Of Things, is my pick of the release with the subtle choral harmonics that float alongside the bubbling brook of electronic pulses.

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Vulgarians – Naturally Nothing – Audio

The English goth-rock quartet Vulgarians released their début EP Life’s Successful Death on the 1st.

Vulgarians - Photo credit Sacha James

Vulgarians – Photo credit Sacha James

Like drawing blackout curtains the music cloaks the listener in an oppressive darkness from which they have no wish to escape.

From the four track release, the closer, Naturally Nothing is a throbbing track that hammers the head with its incessant wall of panic-stricken sound, that is broken by a sublime single springy guitar which leads to the second half of the song in which this refrain loops to the foreground, having been an element of the jackhammer in the first part, wrapping itself around the head like a viral infection.

Life’s Successful Death is available on Amazon.*

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The Bordellos – The Left Hand (God Complex) – Audio

The Bordellos, an angst-rock trio from England, released the three track single Fool Brittania on the 29th of June.

The Bordellos - The Left Hand (God Complex)

The Bordellos

Whilst the opening two tracks are easily contemplated railings against the neo-fascist State much of the UK has spilled into in the past week and a half – between them lasting under six minutes of the just over sixteen minutes of Fool Brittania (available on bandcamp), there is some inevitability that I would ask you to consider the ten and a just over a third minutes that make up the rest of the single with its more obscure contemplative with The Left Hand (God Complex).

Taking a foothold towards a tug of war of ideologies The Bordellos stake a firm anchor in the uprising in a rhetorical questioning diatribe of the occlusion of freedom of thought where to question State direction is deemed heinous terrorist activity.

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Based in Massachusetts in the USA is the electronic-amnesia solo project Cyberwave.

Cyberwave - electronic-amnesia from the USA


Established over a decade ago with sporadic releases, though each of the five records are extensive LPs. After a three year gap earlier this year a new album surfaced with vague ideas of more to follow in due course, though a different project, Fatal Nostalgia, which I will come back to in due course has taken front stage.

The lightly tinctured tracks sweep around the room captivating the mind as they flow through the subconsciousness and on conclusion replaced by a new surface tension. Having threaded through the material, like a hypnotists clicking their finger – all of what has gone before is forgotten, though the listener knows they have undertaken a journey of intrinsic substance.

It may appear glib to suggest that once heard – it is forgotten – though I ask you to join me in the journey of Cyberwave and you will understand precisely why I think you should, as to partake of the music is to appreciate the mystery of it all and this is material best taken in large quaffs to gain a fleeting insight in to the mastery of the illusion.

From the LP Vacuous Vagery (released in 2013) and available on bandcamp – as are all the LPs – Hauntological Extravaganza.

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