Twin Heart – Suffocating – Audio

The Scottish emo trio Twin Heart release their début EP Progress:Decline on the 1st of July.

Twin Heart - Photo credit Clickandpray Photography

Twin Heart – Photo credit Clickandpray Photography

The first track to surface from the Progress:Decline EP is the just over four minutes of pressure that is Suffocating. Appropriately named – the composition envelopes the room in a dark layer of foreboding.

Twin Heart deliver a piece of music which is highlighted by the dramatic shifts in tempo and the slowest section of Suffocating features a low-note twang I could quite happily live with for many a long hour.


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EdTang & The Chops – The Chops – Video

It was just over three years ago that the US rock ‘n’ roll outfit EdTang & The Chops first featured.

EdTang & The Chops - Magic Tricks And Rolling Stone - artwork

EdTang & The Chops – Magic Tricks And Rolling Stone – artwork

In September of last year they decided to fold and head off in different musical directions, but did at the time of their last show express a desire to put together one final LP to say farewell and on the 4th of July with the physical release of album and the 18th of July digitally – Magic Tricks And Rolling Stone they will close this chapter on their lives.

From the ten track LP – the closer – The Chops.

EdTang & The Chops will be missed, but on a positive note there are new bands and solo acts arising by various band members from the closing of this book.

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The Parlez – Antimony – Video

Originally introduced in 2012, the Irish alt-rock duo The Parlez release music from time to time.

The Parlez - Antimony

The Parlez

The latest track to appear – Antimony finds The Parlez in yet another different mindset with a composition that is keys and synth lead prior to evolving into a fuzzy blur. Antimony is delivered at a leisurely pace whilst filled with disparate sounds, resulting in four and a bit minutes of a 2016 version of ’70s deep-psychedelia.

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Jointpop – Who Shot Paradise ??? – Audio

The alt-rock band Jointpop from Trinidad and Tobago first featured back in 2009.

Jointpop - Who Shot Paradise ???


The most recent track to surface being an acoustic rendition of the, typically, acerbic Who Shot Paradise ??? performed by Gary Hector in live solo performance, this month, in Scotland.

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