Band of the Month – June 2016 – Editors’ Choice

A relatively short month, packed with many superb bands – thank you musicians for continuing to create.

| mellowtone | - band of the month June 2016

| mellowtone |

Having spent considerable time whittling down the long-list to a shortlist to the final selection – The Editors’ Choice For Band Of The month for June – is the Swiss band – | mellowtone |.

Broken Rooms – Mellowtone is available on iTunes.*

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Hashback Hashish – ZONE – Audio

The Indian minimalist-EDM project Hashback Hashish was introduced last year.

Hashback Hashish - ZONE

Hashback Hashish

Released on the 26th – ZONE is a one track plus one remix single, with a more industrial tone to it as the just over four minutes of bruising bass-line cascades around the room.

Gradually building in intensity ZONE suddenly collapses into itself, before once again picking up additional layers, like a snowball rolling down a mountain slope – unstoppable and becoming ever more oppressive for its very singularity of purpose.

Zone – Single – Hashback Hashish is available on iTunes.*

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Prayer Wheels – Spring – EP Review

The Canadian alt-rock outfit Prayer Wheels released the four track EP Spring on the 27th.

Prayer Wheels

Prayer Wheels

Their eclectic mix of music which stretches from abbreviated psychedelic meanderings to precise maths-rock is delivered by a rotating selection of the five players – making the band name Prayer Wheels seem like a perfect analogy.

Opening with Cavalier a grunting composition which minds me of trains jostling for position in a shunting yard as the fuzzy guitar is hammered into shape by a skin tight percussion whilst the vocal acts as the conductor of the toing and froing.

Next is Charlatan which is a track of more sedate opening as lightly fingered guitar is serenaded by tipping drum prior to dissolving into a garage fuzz, crystallising as a shoegaze echo, and do bear in mind this all happens within the space of one hundred and thirty seconds – my pick of the release.

The penultimate track on the ten minute Spring is Seesaw Sequence which sets as centre stage the chorus of voices that are the hallmark of their out-put in an angular rock number.

The closer – the lengthiest track on the EP – is the two and three quarter minute dystopian acid tripping Cormorant.

Spring is available on bandcamp.

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Katalina Kicks – Guns – Video

The English agit-rock band Katalina Kicks are set to release the EP Vices in October.

Katalina Kicks

Katalina Kicks

The core of the band is as a trio, though in live-performance they are joined on stage by a fourth player. Katalina Kicks is band with some legs including two previous LPs dating back to 2011 behind them, they have established a confidence in delivery which enables them to provide the audience with a sound that, whilst frothing with indignation, has a a coherent layered structure.

Tempting as it is to write a full review of the band in this introduction, I will wait until nearer the release of Vices and merely concentrate on the first track to surface from the EP and the opener of the five – Guns – which is itself to be released as a single on the 3rd of July.

As is typical of their content, the lyric for Guns is an insightful frustrated commentary on the world around, though rather than haranguing the ears with volume and pace, the context is within measured instrumentation that reflects of the dichotomies of the ease by which rationalisation is lost to a dogma.

The solid percussion and bass fences off the room, while the guitar flexes through the inferences of hysteria to condemnatory growling from which the vocal waxes quizzically.

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