Band of the Month – May 2016 – Readers’ Choice

Without you – I would only be speaking into an echo chamber – so I thank you personally, for turning up – the aggregated Readers’ Choice for Band of the Month for May is…

Something To Do - Band Of The Month May 2016

Something To Do

… The US alt-ska sextet Something To Do.

The LP Music For Fine Dining is available on bandcamp.

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Captain Casanova – Futures – Single Review

The Danish alt-rock trio Captain Casanova don’t often find time to release recorded material.

Captain Casanova - Photo by Christel

Captain Casanova – Photo by Christel

Coming to the conclusion of yet another extended pan-European tour Captain Casanova did find time to get into the studio to create Futures.

Reminding of the warmth of merseybeat recordings Futures begins life as retro-’60s track, yet as the approaching four minute song progresses so that music becomes ever more compacted and consequentially delivering ever sharper elbows that jostle the audience.

The damped bass gives the low notes a softness that threads through the track, while the more jagged lead guitar gives Futures its bristling layers and drum is the impatience that harries along the song giving it the sense of compression whilst vocal flows from subtle melody to fractious growl.

For those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to get to see Captain Casanova live the follow up to the single If You Come Around Here which appeared three years ago, is a welcome addition to the collection.

Rumour has it that there may be more recorded material to surface in the next few months before they head out back on the road again in October.


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Dappled Cities – That Sound – Single Review

The Australian alt-indie quintet Dappled Cities are set to release a new single tomorrow.

Dappled Cities

Dappled Cities

Made available, in advance, within the past twenty four hours That Sound discovers a band living in the Hemisphere now heading towards winter, surfacing, with a track that will brighten those of us in the Northern Hemisphere heading towards Summer and the just over three and a half minutes of glowing embers pull towards evenings on the beach in a touch-paper of easy gliding music.

Whilst light on the ears – as That Sound develops, so too do the layers of textures, raising this from mere footprint in the sand awaiting tide to wash it away to a sincerity of statement and whilst not a song I will add to my everyday playlist – something I will happily return to with on the ‘friends at a barbecue’ selection.

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Lucian – Drift – Audio

The US EDM creator Lucian released the EP Forever on the 27th in collaboration with other musicians.



With some fortune it has been drawn to my attention that within the past couple of hours the penultimate of the five tracks on the EP – Drift – (featuring Sleeper) has also been made available for streaming.

Don you dance party kit and head for early night club material to get you in the mood for more of what is to follow.

I am also alerted by Lucian there is more to come in the next month or so – keep your ears peeled.

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The Blue Side Band – Come On – Video

The Greek alt-rock quintet – The Blue Side Band were introduced in 2014.

The Blue Side Band - I Stepped Forth From Shadow - artwork

The Blue Side Band – I Stepped Forth From Shadow – artwork

Come On, from the LP I Stepped Forth From Shadow contains the dark slowly pacing music which gradually drifts around the room, that is typical of their out-put.

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