Femme Vanille

To be found in Utrecht and Amsterdam in The Netherlands are Karindra Perrier (Vocal), Erik Brouwer (Keys), Jesse Buitenhuis (Guitar), Thijs van Gemert (Bass) and Thijs Bastiaans (Drums) who create the dark-rock sounds of Femme Vanille.

Femme Vanille - dark-rock from The Netherlands

Femme Vanille

There is a disconsolate darkness which threads through the room as Femme Vanille take to the room.  The despondent mood is woven with flecks of gold which shimmers through the material, giving the forlorn blanket a luxury in which the listener desires to be entrapped.

The quintet provide the audience with a sense of the dramatic, without it ever becoming a cartoon production as they have a firm grounding for the compositions and it is the expansiveness of the tracks which gives it its detail that holds the ear, rather than them becoming parodies of themselves.

The subtle flow of the music is punctuated by the expressive vocal which captures initial focus of attention, though the longer you listen to their music the more it blends and becomes part of the fabric of the output.

With releases and time behind them Femme Vanille have honed their craft and each iteration finds the quartet better able to deliver music that expresses their complex orchestration.

Another Time is available on bandcamp.


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Band of the Month – April 2016 – Editors’ Choice

Once again many thanks to all the musicians from around the world who take the time to put their ideas to music – without you life would be far less colourful.

Reptilians From Andromeda - Band Of The Month April 2016

Reptilians From Andromeda

The Editors’ Choice for band of the Month for April is the Turkish sleaze-rock outfit Reptilians From Andromeda.

Sonic Rabbit Hole is available on bandcamp.

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Citrine Metaphore – Gathering Room – Video

Citrine Metaphore is an alternative-electronica project from the USA.

Citrine Metaphore - House Of Hexes - artwork

Citrine Metaphore – House Of Hexes – artwork

Relatively newly formed with the idea of carving out mystical crystals of sound to be used by others in their own projects. Their début LP House Of Hexes is an approaching three quarters of an hour journey into the haunted unknown.

Gathering Room, appears as both the eight and ninth track of thirteen on the album. The first an ambient version, the second with voices. The video is for the second of the two.

I look forward to where Citrine Metaphore head next and aim to provide an update in due course.

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Dear Thieves – My Street – Single Review

Dear Thieves is a heavy-rock duo from Australia.

Dear Thieves

Dear Thieves

My Street, which is due for official release on the 20th of May is growling rock number which belies there are only two members of the band. Guitar soars around the room, while the percussion hammers through the room as the strong gruff vocals scowls at the ears.

Beginning to establish a presence locally, Dear Thieves is a band to keep an eye out for and get out to see, if they turn up near you and I look forward to featuring more of their music in due course.

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