Martin Del Carpio – The Ballad Of Ninfa – Video

The US based melancholic-electronica creator Martin Del Carpio has a new track that has recently surfaced.

Martin Del Carpio - The Ballad of Ninfa

Martin Del Carpio – The Ballad of Ninfa

The Ballad Of Ninfa is, on the surface, a more approachable track as the music threads recognisable furrows of composition. However beneath, the oiled gate, lies a track which is of even darker atmosphere as a desperate sense of isolation grips the listener in icy grasp.

Whether The Ballad Of Ninfa exists as a distinguishable stand alone statue or will fold within a fuller release is not yet ascertainable. What is evident is that Martin Del Carpio is adept at creating brooding moments from whichever angle he approaches the subject matter.

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Elyose – Plus qu’humain – Video

Elyose is a French electro-metal quartet I will come back to in more detail later in the year.



By way of an introduction a live version of the fifth of the eleven tracks on the LP Ipso Facto – Plus qu’humain which features – both in the live video and in studio recording Florent Jannier from the French metal outfit Arkan.

Dark melodies punch their way into the room as the electronics swarm like robotic beetles preceding the enveloping cloak of gothic metal to which the ethereal vocal of Justine Daaé takes the track into abandoned ruins whilst the growling voice of Florent counterpoints, giving Plus qu’humain a brooding presence in which the audience is invited to partake.


Ipso Facto – Elyose is available on iTunes.*

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Thee Commons – Wampiro – Audio

Thee Commons is a psychedelic-reggae trio from the USA.

Thee Commons

Thee Commons

To surface in the past few hours is the track Wampiro, which will be on the LP Loteria Tribal set for release on the 30th of April.

If you ever wondered what listening to roots reggae with glassy eyes from an unexpectedly strong inhalation from a bong Wampiro is the answer. Bouncing beats float into the wall before rebounding to meet incoming notes and the listener is merely asked to watch the kaleidoscope develop before their ears and eyes as the mind wanders into coagulations of senses coexisting in an imploding fractal of sound that has the audience wreathed in smiling faces of contentment.

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alphabet backwards – television – Video

The English electro-indie outfit alphabet backwards released the three track single – the things we did to pass the time on the 25th.

alphabet backwards - the things we did to pass time - artwork

alphabet backwards – the things we did to the pass time – artwork

Five years on from their introduction, alphabet backwards retain their creative streak and enthusiasm with the things we did to pass the time marking their third release in the past year and each time I return to the band – so they have something new and refreshing to discover.

television – the final track finds alphabet backwards in a retro-bubble-pop mood to which they add their flourishes, lifting the song from the bland to the intriguing, as they deliver tempo and mood changes through the evolution of the just under three and a half minute composition.

the things we did to pass the time is available on Amazon.*

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Surfacing from New York in the USA the indie band of Sunshiner centred around Rich Michelson (Guitar / Vocals), Evan Fazziola (Guitar / Vocals), Dylan Carey (Drums) and on Bass either Andrew Rizzo – recording or Frank Casio – live.

Sunshiner - indie from the USA


There is an autumnal feel to the slightly chilly intertwining sounds of Sunshiner as they deliver a sound of circumspection of the space surrounding them, but rather than implode into an anxious moment of reflection they seek to clear away the leaves to reveal the last vestiges of summer.

One echoing guitar sits within another reverberating guitar to give the out-put a fluffy pillow on which the head can rest in comfort, whilst percussion and bass stir the sheets and blanket leaving the body less rested. It is this discombobulation of calmness and unease which gives the out-put a resonance that intrigues the casual listener and engages their developing fan base.

Having thrown out a few ideas over the past couple of years Sunshiner have taken a grip on the idea that they have something to add to the world of music and a début four track EP – entitled EP (available on bandcamp) was released on the 24th.

I am taking a forward punt here – but until Sunshiner engage a full-time bass player they still won’t take their material too seriously as the four / five stringer is an essential element of their sound.

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