Sex With Strangers – Momento – Video

The Canadian alt-rock quintet Sex With Strangers release the EP Space In Time on the 5th of April.

Sex With Strangers - Space In Time

Sex With Strangers

From the forthcoming release –  Momento demonstrates their longevity as Sex With Strangers – in what is a live recording video – perform the track with tighter result than many bands achieve after having had their tracks recorded section by section and mastered.

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Band of the Month – March 2016 – Editors’ Choice

It must be the end of the month as it is once again time for the Editors’ Choice for band of the month.

Electric Beans - Band Of The Month March 2016

Electric Beans

From France – Electric Beans.

Sans Modération is available on bandcamp.

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Malcolm Galloway – Velocity – Video

Malcolm Galloway is an ambient-minimalist-classical composer from England.

Malcolm Galloway

Malcolm Galloway

Those of longer stay will recognise the name Malcolm Galloway from the band Hats Of Gentlemen It’s Adequate.

His solo compositions give an indicator as to where some of the more complex constructs of the band emerge.

Velocity, an approaching eighteen minute composition of gradually increasing tempo has an intriguing sense of both calmness along with a hive of activity and one is minded of watching a colony of ants going about their business – each individual frenetic, but, as a body – an elegant flowing stream of quiet fluidity.

The track evolves from a view of the overall colony and slowly zooms in to the individual and the finale becomes a frantic scurry of overlapping loops, prior to closing with a relaxed breath.

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The Blurry Minds – Broken Human Program – Single Review

The Blurry Minds is a US haze-rock trio.

The Blurry Minds

The Blurry Minds

Formed fairly recently formed The Blurry Minds have begun to grain traction with a live presence and regular recorded material with Broken Human Program, released on the 25th, being their fifth release in as many months.

References from psychedelia are merged with the intensity of indie rock allowing The Blurry Minds to deliver a hazy mellowed out sound. The changes in pace during the course of the just under three and a half minutes of Broken Human Program give the listener the sense that the track lasts longer, if only that were true as this a composition which would happily sit on an extended 12″ single.

In addition to Broken Human Program being available on bandcamp the rest of The Blurry Minds releases are available there too and well worth adding to the collection.

I look forward to hearing more of the trio in short order and rumour has it that an EP is in the wings, which I hope to come back to in due course.


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March – Stand In Line – Audio

The Netherlands new-wave quartet March are set to release their début LP Stay Put on the 3rd of June.



From the album – the fifth of the dozen tracks- Stand In Line has made an early break for the surface.

Bleeding the ears March invite the listener to ram their head into the speakers in a track that lasts all of eighty two seconds. The only perturbation for the audience is who to pogo with as the quartet deliver a track that is both controlled and pugnacious and the mind wanders to the early material of the UK Subs to find reference point as thumping bass blisters the percussion with guitar sitting as support act, whilst vocal ponders of the mediocrity March espies in their countenance of those around.

I look forward to coming back to March in more detail in due course.


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