Saint God

The Tel Aviv, Israel, based duo of Shura (Vocals / Drums) and Tim (Guitar) form the gaze-rock band Saint God.

Saint God - Gauze-rock from Israel

Saint God

Shadowing reflexives behind gauze Saint God are able to deliver to the audience precise percussion and muted vocal with guitar that sheens in and out of focus, giving the duo the ability to cast bait to the audience on which they focus, only to pull it away from sight leaving the listener grabbing for air and it is this entrancing combination of out-stretched arms which suddenly snap behind back that makes for a sound well worth getting to know.

Formed last year Saint God have been able to put out a three track single Realise and a ten track LP Montefiore (both available on bandcamp)and have set themselves as musicians with an urgency to say something about the Government which represents them by which the world judges them. In the same way that those of other regions are judged by their bureaucrats. It is always better to hear from those who are working to make a difference and you find yourself reading though the various sites about musicians from Iran and Israel as well as Iraq, Lebanon and Syria who attempt to do the best they can to make a difference.

I thank musicians – such as Saint God who strive to make a difference to the world in which they live, for which they receive no regard by the wider populace.

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Pröjekt F – Tongue – Audio

The Canadian industrial-rock quartet Pröjekt F are due to release the LP The Butterfly Effect on the 1st of March.

Pröjekt F - photo credit Matt C

Pröjekt F – photo credit Matt C

With only one change in line up since their introduction in 2013 with Fred Linx taking over the drum-kit there is a completely recognizable clawing of the walls as the second of the seven tracks on the album Tongue gouges its way out of the speakers.

Like an infestation of cockroaches Tongue rapidly entraps the listener in a darkening menace of a sound taking over with the sense of the brain being gently gnawed by a horde intensifies through-out the just under five minute track, that once it has finished just has you reaching for the replay button to be eaten a little more.

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Σtella – Works For You – Single Review

The Greek indie-synth artist Σtella released the single Works For You on the 22nd.

Σtella - Photo by Peter Nikoltsos

Σtella – Photo by Peter Nikoltsos

With a more compact sound than previous material featured Works For You fairly skips out of the speakers like a spring lamb. Combinations of classical folk are jigged into coiled synths which gives the track a neo-traditional feel, with emphasis on higher registers and resulting in a number that freshens like lemon juice.

With emphasis away from the more melancholic deeper tones Works For You presents Σtella in a different light and whilst more commercially accessible, does not suffer from sugar-coating. Inevitably, I miss the more substantial sounds, but even given that, this is a song that I am more than happy to come back to more than once and add to the ‘evening with friends’ playlist.

Works for You – Single – STELLA is available on iTunes.*

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Downlouders – UNO – Video

The Italian experimental-psychedelia collective Downlouders revealed the LP Arca earlier this month.

Downlouders - Arca - artwork

Downlouders – Arca – artwork

It has been three years since Downlouders last featured and the nine track album marks a welcome return.

The third track – UNO –  billows through the room in ever rolling electronics and instrumentation which takes the listener on a journey into deep outer-space as the sounds seem to peel away gravity and the mind is left to roam as it pleases in the presence of the composition.

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LU&CIA – The Trip – Audio

The Uruguayan alt-glissé trio LU&CIA are set to release their début LP The Trip on the 11th of March.

Lu&Cia - The Trip - CD

Lu&Cia – The Trip – CD

As those of longer stay and those who connect with me personally know – Uruguay is the South American team with which I associate myself during the World Cup and as so few bands from Uruguay wend my way it is of little surprise I would give it listening space. As you equally know, if it wasn’t something I also thought I should take your time out to take a listen to I wouldn’t be sharing it here.

Made available just over an hour ago – the title track combines light-fantastic with a spontaneous vocal resulting in a track that is perfect for an after dinner sojourn as dancing in embrace so hands go cheek to cheek in a thread of easy stepped bossa-nova that intertwines legs and invites further déshabillé as a matter of some mutual emergency.

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