Bernays Propaganda – Laži Me, Laži Me – Video

It has been four years since the Macedonian electro-angst out-fit Bernays Propoganda last featured, so it was a pleasure to receive a message from Vasko with an update.

Bernays Propaganda - Politika - artwork

Bernays Propaganda – Politika – artwork

Although a changed line-up with only Kristina Gorovska (Vocal) and Vasko Atanasoski (Guitar) remaining – to be joined by the introduction of synths courtesy of Deni Krstev and additional support by Sasa Pavlovic (Bass) for live performance – the essence of the creative spark remains the same. A cynical disposition towards Pillars of the State and melodic shiny wrapping to encase the commentary.

Laži Me, laži Me – superficially threads its way around the room in ribbons of easy flowing lightness, resulting in the acerbic lyric gaining greater prominence thereby giving the juxtapositions of ideas even more impact.

This is the first track to be made available from the LP Politika scheduled for release on the 14th of March.

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Envenomed – Reckoning – Audio

The Australian heavy-metal quartet Envenomed release the EP Reckoning on the 5th of February.

Envenomed - Reckoning - artwork

Envenomed – Reckoning – artwork

In advance of the EP – the title track which finds Envenomed launching the first new material since their introduction a couple of years ago that is a showcase of their ability to combine powerful driving metal and at the same time compose surprisingly melodic sequences.

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Calling All Astronauts – Living The Dream – Audio

Slightly earlier than anticipated back in October – the English Goth-rock band Calling All Astronauts surfaced with their LP Anti-Social Hero a few hours ago.

Calling All Astronauts - Living The Dream

Calling All Astronauts – Living The Dream

Whilst available on pre-order via only Amazon at this juncture Anti-Social Network* due for official release on the 11th of March is something I am able to share with you and my pick of the release is the first of the eleven tracks – Living The Dream.

A vocal that grinds up and down the loins in red-lipped glory like a fluffer at a porn-shoot caresses sounds that the audience wants to have as a theme for a mirrored mutual masturbation session whilst the darkened cloak of caped bass slams shut escape routes as guitar serenades and the drum kit leashes the neck in a hands and knee supplication as gently teased velvet gloved synths entice abandoned self-satisfaction.

Rather than flouncing off in despair of yet another drunken one night stand the remaining just under forty minutes of Anti-Social Network, despite the title, lay in emphatic caress.

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The Izers – 21st Century Funkid – Audio

The Italian indie-rock band The Izers were introduced a couple of years ago.

The Izers - You'll Probably Never Listen To This - artwork

The Izers – You’ll Probably Never Listen To This – artwork

From the EP You’ll Probably Never Listen To This the second of the five tracks – 21st Century Funkid.

21st Century Funkid is an amalgamation of indie, trad jazz and funk which leaves, not a strange taste in the mouth but a refreshing nectar.

You’ll Probably Never Listen To This – EP – The Izers is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Lucifers Beard – Black & Blue – Audio

The English prog-rock trio Lucifers Beard are scheduling the release of their three track single Y E T I in May.

Lucifers Beard

Lucifers Beard

I never quite caught the handle of progressive-rock, nor folks who call themselves Hipsters. Not even the wildest meanderings of Shakespeare could attempt summation of how stupid that collective noun resounds of describing wandering youngsters sporting old folks chin stubble, but with Lucifers Beard I do find coherence.

To my state of angularity the whole concept of a single named Y E T I by a band with a beard in their name and ‘on-trend hipster’ idiots just seem to coalesce into a whirlpool of collectivism, yet Black & Blue – as with the title emerges from a fight with head held high, though battle scarred.

Mewling guitar scatters from the speakers akin to cats scenting catnip before settling down in pleasured satisfaction, whilst mellifluous vocal spills into the ears as a shepherding percussion gathers up stray edges and the bass funnels the composition into coherent direction of travel.

The measured pace allows Lucifers Beard to explore every nook and cranny without leaving the listener feeling they are on a wasted journey as Black & Blue hits its mark.

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