Santah – Sunkeeper – Video

Santah is an indie outfit from the USA.



Sunkeeper is a track that generates such warmth that even on a cold winters day it would be possible to turn off the heating.

Without overdoing anything Santah is able to to create a song – the second of the eleven on the LP Chico, containing a mellowing blend of textures which fills the room with luscious relaxing velvet gloved caresses.


Chico – Santah is available on iTunes.*

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C.O.B.R.A. – Anthelion – Video

The Italian rock quintet C.O.B.R.A. will be releasing their eponymous (full band name) LP Conspiracy Of Blackness & Relative Aftermath on the 20th of February.

C.O.B.R.A. - Anthelion


From the album – the first single – Anthelion was released on the 25th. A weighty track running at just under five minutes, C.O.B.R.A. keep the audience attentive with a brooding darkness that pervades through the expressive vocal that stands as a focal point of attention. The under-current of percussion and guitars are wielded to enhance the mood in an intriguing blend of powerful drives and melodious bridges.

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EXPLODING EYES – Madman’s Lament – Audio

The Irish acid-rock trio EXPLODING EYES released the two track single We Need Love on the 22nd.

Exploding Eyes

Exploding Eyes

The B side – Madman’s Lament finds EXPLODING EYES in a quiet moment of reflectivity with a track that slowly unfurls itself into the room before gathering felted moss that blisters into the room before, like a rolling stone, discarding its coating to re-explore the raw emotionality and in such formation the just over four minute track evolves. An intriguing insight into the more commodious spaces from which the trio find their inspiration which rarely comes to the foreground.

Perhaps, musically, a step away from usual fare, Madman’s Lament, nonetheless adds much to the catalogue of EXPLODING EYES.


We Need Love is available on bandcamp.

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OPIA – One By One – Audio

The Australian alt-rock trio OPIA will be releasing the LP EON on the 12th of February.



One By One, which was made available a few hours ago, has an almost tribal anthemic feel that steels its way into the listeners soul as the various elements deliver their sounds in syncopated shifting time-patterns.

The chorus, I would be happy to hear on a permanent loop, as the staccato steps of unified sound punch their way around the ears.

The only sadness of One By One is that it is all over in a mere one hundred and forty eight seconds.

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KOALa? and the K-Holes

Rory Gillespie, from San Bernardino in the USA uses the alternative-acoustic vehicle KOALa? and the K-Holes to deliver his diary of whimsical thoughts.

KOALa? and the K-Holes - alternative-acoustic from the USA

KOALa? and the K-Holes

Contemplating daily issues KOALa? and the K-Holes has an extensive catalogue and the prolific out-put of random issues of consternation sees no slow-down in pace.

This is not music to listen to when you are looking for easy melodies, rather when feeling somewhat irritated and in KOALa? and the K-Holes you will find a companion in thought as the sketchy structures stomp around the room in sympathy and calm the flaring mood as the infectious self-deprecating joyfulness of railing lyrics rammed into spaces they don’t fit, set to arbitrary pace and volume changes, warm their way into the mind.

The world of music needs more of the likes of KOALa? and the K-Holes and although it will not be a sound that many feel has merit, to those who do, such as myself – there can never be enough material to listen to as it brings a sense of scale to frustrations of life.

I am reminded of Edward Lear where the abstruse creative process and delivery leaves imprint stretching far beyond the moment of consideration.

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