Desert Dusk – Pleading For More – Audio

Earlier this year the English alt-rock quartet Desert Dusk were introduced.

Desert Dusk - Pleading For More

Desert Dusk

After a slight delay Desert Dusk released their début three track single Marie Celeste (available on bandcamp) earlier this month.

The middle track – Pleading For More is a piece which contains the darkness of Desert Dusk, whilst displaying their lighter side as strong melodies are allowed to stream around melancholic bass / electronics combinations and a thoughtful drum paces between strident and calm over which the vocal takes an introspective look at the tumultuous journey that is life.

I look forward to catching up with Desert Dusk in 2016.

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Steffan Rundquist – Love Me Or Leave Me – Video

It somehow seems apposite to write the penultimate band feature of 2015 with the Spain based itinerant agit-folk Musician Steffan Rundquist.

Steffan Rundquist - Love Me Or Leave Me

Steffan Rundquist

As with the website Steffan pops up in country after country with musical ideas, as those who have been readers of longer duration will have followed, since his introduction in 2013.

Now based in Bilbao in Spain you will find Steffan doing what he enjoys, delivering music, either busking or playing in venues and always creating.

The latest track – Love Me Or Leave Me.

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Allusondrugs – Magic College – Video

The English alt-rock band Allusondrugs have become a regular feature since their introduction eighteen months ago.

Allusondrugs - Am I Weird - artwork

Allusondrugs – Am I Weird – artwork

From the EP Am I Weird?, which was released last month, a live version of the penultimate of the five tracks Magic College was recently made available.

Pull away the furniture, hit play and join in the psychotropic garage dance-track that spills around the room as Allusondrugs deliver another finely crafted creation that rattles its way into the heart and soul of the listener.

Am I Weird? – EP – Allusondrugs is available on iTunes.*

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Holy Limbo – Pray For Change – Video

Holy Limbo is a garage-trip trio from Greece.

Holy Limbo - Photo by Panagiotis Petropoulos

Holy Limbo – Photo by Petros Poulopoulos

From the EP First Circle, that was released earlier this year – Pray For Change is the first of the five tracks.

Like a well seasoned stew Holy Limbo tip drone, trip-hop and garage rock into the pot and cook up something extremely tasty. An ever present burring synth plays through the brain as the trio add skipping beats through bass and beat whilst guitar raises and lowers its head in a fuzzy blur as the vocal slips past in a gauzy veil leaving the listener entranced by all too brief three and a bit minutes of Pray For Change.

I will come back with a full review of Holy Limbo during 2016, but serving as a good introduction is their début – First Circle (which is available on bandcamp).

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