Dream Homeless

Hailing from Martigny is Switzerland is the garage rock trio Dream Homeless, comprising – Jeff (Vocals / Guitar),  Florian (Bass) and Thomas (Drums).

Dream Homeless - garage-rock from Switzerland

Dream Homeless

Dream Homeless fill the room with a controlled rage, which allows them to deliver unexpected filet mignon along with more muscular brisket providing the listener with a combination that grabs hold of the throat whilst gently dusting off the shoulders. Hence the music can cope with being blasted out of fully opened speakers, yet equally able to absorb the attention at more modest decibels.

An ever driving percussion harries along the material, whilst and industrious bass builds the mood, with the guitar able to find the room to add the more melodic twists and turns, to which the vocal whirls between invective and explanation.

Formed a few years ago, it was only this month that Dream Homeless released their début LP Not For The Glory, Just For The Party and I only hope it isn’t another three years before those of us who don’t get to see them live are able to join in with the infectious joy of the trio.


Not for the Glory, Just for the Party – Dream Homeless is available on iTunes.*

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Saint Cole – Trojan Horse – Audio

The development of the English alt-electro duo Saint Cole has been followed on the site from hatchling earlier this year, to an entity with soaring wings.

Saint Cole - Trojan Horse

Saint Cole

Their latest track – Trojan Horse appeared within the past twenty four hours.

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Eleven Eleven – The Original – Audio

Eleven Eleven is an Australian rock band, I will come back to early next year.

Eleven Eleven

Eleven Eleven

Whilst writing new material they have a single set for release on the 16th of October – The Original – which was made available earlier today.

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The Physicists – Girls of H & M – Video

The Finnish Industrial-metal project The Physicists release the LP My Love Is Dead on the 2nd of October.

The Physicists - My Love Is Dead - artwork

The Physicists – My Love Is Dead – artwork

If you enjoy your music flailing arms at you from all angles, which I most certainly do, the ten track plus three remix album is worth grabbing hold of. From My Love Is Dead the fifth number – Girls Of H & M.


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