Jack Jeffrey – Arise And Begin – Audio

The progressive-psychedelic-electronics creator Jack Jeffrey has featured a couple of times since his introduction in 2012.

Jack Jeffery - Arise And Begin

Jack Jeffery

His latest track, which surfaced a day or so ago is the six and a bit minutes – Arise And Begin.

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Martin Del Carpio – Murmur of the Heart – Video

The US dark rock creator Martin Del Carpio was initially introduced last year.

Martin Del Carpio - Murmur of the Heart

Martin Del Carpio

The latest track to surface is Murmur Of The Heart.

I will next get to a full review of the sounds of Martin Del Carpio when there is more to hear in a bundle.

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Kim Killspeed

Kim Killspeed is a blues rock band from Sydney in Australia comprising Candy, Andy and Bruce plus supporting cast.

Kim Killspeed - blues-rock from Australia

Kim Killspeed

Torturous evocations greet the ears as Kim Killspeed deliver finely sliced sounds which swallow up the room in their considered acoustic presentation. An absolutely stunning vocal captivates the mind to which guitar scurries around in the shadows as a gentle percussion sets the framework.

Kim Killspeed don’t seek to stride new grounds across the landscape of music, but what they have to add is an inspirational touch of brush stroke as they take familiar territory and shoulder themselves into a poise of confidence, with which the audience can engage. The trio add a depth of consternation to genre as they offer music of currency within a concept of the past.

Whilst mastered tracks give Kim Killspeed a smoother feel, which is reflected in their début release Ultrasound – EP – Kim Killspeed*- which surfaced at the end of last month, it is in live performance that I think this would work best as the rawness makes this work far better and with some pleasure, I am able to offer you a track from the unpolished version of what they are about, a song which isn’t on the EP – which will come as no surprise to regular readers.

That isn’t to say that the release is not worth getting hold of as the mastered material also has much to offer.


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