Band of the Month – December 2014 – Readers’ Choice

The final post of 2014 is the Readers’ Choice for band of the month. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible and best to you for 2015.

Faux Chateau - photo by Todor Bradev

Faux Chateau – Photo by Todor Bradev

From England – Faux Chateau.

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A Conversation With….. Ilima Considine

In October I had the opportunity to speak to Ilima Considine also known as The Sexbots.

A Conversation with.... Ilima Considine

A Conversation with…. Ilima Considine

We talk about the cold, running around in the woods in a nightgown, the emotional turmoil of creating and performing music and much more…

More about Ilima Considine.

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Songs For Jamil is available via bandcamp.

With thanks to Ben Sommers who is a musician and also works with the Video Production Company Smoke No Pony for his help in stepping in and putting images to the audio.

The Romantic Manifesto

The Romantic Manifesto from London in England is the dream-wave quartet of Phineas Cheshire (Vocals / Guitar), Nobutaka Iizuka (Guitar), John Wallis (Bass) and Timur Djahit (Drums).

The Romantic Manifesto - dream-wave from England

The Romantic Manifesto

Like an ambient light The Romantic Manifesto add a depth to the ambience as the gossamer thread of sound gently builds its web around the room. The compositions build wave upon wave of luxuriant texture that take over the synapse pulses and the mind and body gently drift into semi-consciousness.

The Romantic Manifesto build their tracks from a percussion and bass which pulse as though in waves of superposition which creates the spinneret from which the interlocking guitars fold the chords to thread the silk, as the vocal calmly orchestrates the delicate fluxes of sound.

The quartet deliver music which is best taken in large quaffs to allow the mystical backdrop to take shape in the mind and if you allow yourself that space you will find The Romantic Manifesto has much to add to the world of music.

As always I find much to enjoy in listening to music that takes as a point of principal a point of difference and The Romantic Manifesto battle headlong with a world demanding of instant gratification and to my mind prove their purpose with considerable credit.

I recommend taking an hour or so out of your day to take time with the quartet and failing that the forty six minutes to listen to their latest LP – A Kind Of Promise which came out at the beginning of the month.


A Kind of Promise – The Romantic Manifesto is available on iTunes.*

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Band of the Month – December 2014 – Editors’ Choice

…and so begins the last day of 2014 and the final Editors’ Choice for band of the month for 2014 is…

Neverfriend - band of the month

Neverfriend – band of the month

…the Canadian band Neverfriend.

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