Fine Animal

Fine Animal from Columbus, Ohio in the USA alt-synth trio of KC Wilder, Lucy Oaks and Kelan Gilbert.

Fine Animal - alt-synth from the USA

Fine Animal

With a sound that melts into the room Fine Animal have an underlying calmness that can’t help but engross the mind as wave upon wave of electronics fold gently over each other, as almost imperceptible guitars give an immediacy, whilst a captivating vocal fascinates the ears.

This is music to listen to whilst unwinding in the chill-room as the ambient beats undulate around the brain. Fine Animal is able to titrate senses of tribal sounds, which gives the resulting pieces a mesmerically haunting temper into which the mind can draw its own images.

Just over year into their existence the trio have been able to provide a ‘must have’ collection of compositions (available on bandcamp) which have been well thought through and delivered. What I particularly like about Fine Animal is the way that they are able to take complex ideas and deliver them in a way that doesn’t leave the audience perplexed, rather, hypnotised, whilst retaining the natural instinct that I always look for in bands who I think add value to the world for their very existence.

Whilst there is a decent catalogue of material building, I look forward to much more, whilst, lounging, listening to an hour or two of Fine Animal.

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Dobbeltsyn – Aldrig Mødt En Kvinde – Video

The appropriately named Dobbeltsyn is, a newly formed duo from Denmark, planning to release their début LP on January 12th.



Their new single is Aldrig Mødt En Kvinde, which came out on the 24th.

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Aldrig Mødt En Kvinde – Single – Dobbeltsyn is available on iTunes.*

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Northstar – Troubadour – Video

Factory Fast Records from the USA are planning a release on the 9th December – The Acoustic Arsenal.

Factory Fast Records - The Acoustic Arsenal - artwork

Factory Fast Records – The Acoustic Arsenal – artwork

The opening track of the seven is Troubadour by NorthStar.

website (music starts immediately)

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