Band of the Month – September 2014 – Readers’ Choice

To the readers – thank you for making it all worth while.

Seaside Sons - Band Of The Month

Seaside Sons – Band Of The Month

The Reader’s choice for band of the month for September is the Scottish band – Seaside Sons.

Weekend Rockstar – EP – Seaside Sons is available on iTunes*.

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BELLA LOKA – Go Down – Video

BELLA LOKA is a duo from England, I will come back to explore more fully at a later date.



A new song Go Down, which features piano and is a different arrangement and feel to their more normal electronic dance warmth, serves as a good introduction to BELLA LOKA as it marks out their wider range of style and the root of the compositions – not usually in evidence.


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Stellarscope – Face First In The Dirt – Audio

The USA based Stellarscope – those who have been regular readers any time since 2010 will have tripped over at some point in the journey – are thinking about a new LP.

Stellarscope - Face First In The Dirt

Stellarscope – Face First In The Dirt

A new demo surfaced last week for Face First In The Dirt.

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A landmark article

Finally after just over five years of band reviews a duplicate band name – Hollow Mountain.

Hollow Mountain (USA)

Hollow Mountain (USA)

Originally reviewed were the Hollow Mountain duo based in England – back in 2012.

On this occasion it is to introduce the USA based Hollow Mountain who have a new eponymous EP coming out on the 31st October, with the appositely named track People Are Alike All Over. I will get back to a full review in short order.

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