The Drums – I Can’t Pretend – Video

Five years and a day ago I first introduced The Drums and much has changed for them in the intervening years.

The Drums

The Drums

Occasionally it is interesting to compare the – why did I review them initially, to the would I review them now?

A new LP – Encycolpedia is due for release in September and a lyric video for I Can’t Pretend has recently appeared.

Encyclopedia – The Drums is available on iTunes*.

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Dead Man’s Eyes

Dead Man’s Eyes from Köln in Germany is the psychedelic rock quintet of Peter Engel (Guitar / Vocals), Simon Reichelt (Guitar), Simon Mead (Bass / Vocals), Robin Hertner (Drums) and Nima Davari (Slide guitar / 12-string).

Dead Man's Eyes - Photo by Andre Kempff

Dead Man’s Eyes – Photo by Andre Kempff

While flecking the room with splashes of tie-dye Dead Man’s Eye do not slope off into a wandering osmosis, rather base the out-put on driving rock tones, which rattle around the room in triumphant procession. The spice to the sound is the intonations of psychedelia, which enables the band to add stretches and dimensions to the tracks, without ever becoming lost inside a maze of confusion.

The spread of stringed instruments, affording the music an Indian sub-continent Tradition inflection, allows Dead Man’s Eyes to take the listener of wide ranging paths of storytelling without ever straying too far off the path as the ever present percussion beats out a steadying course, whilst the vocal, which is imbued with echoes adds a heady toxicity to the mix.

I particularly enjoy how Dead Man’s Eyes is able to create sounds which proffer eddies for the ears to investigate, whilst maintaining a clear direction for the journey.

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Regular readers will recognise the name Nima Davari as a member of Super Hard Boys.

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Cold Wilson – Stay – Single Review

Cold Wilson is a USA based collaborative project centred around Jordan Decker which you can expect to hear much more of in short order.

Cold Wilson - Stay - artwork

Cold Wilson – Stay artwork

Their first Studio release came out a few hours ago – Stay, which will form part of a forthcoming ten track LP.

An emotional introspective tale of unfolding ribbons of relationship turmoil. Stay has a chorus that will have you weeping into your coffee accompanied by a sparkling guitar chord progression which is seared into the mind and you just want to hear it on loop. But there is more to the song that the chorus and lyric, as the track which runs at just under three minutes takes the audience on a journey of water-painting.

The tempo of the piece gives the composition a fragility which adds to the context of the track and the instruments give the listener the sense they are listening to the mind whirring over loneliness and loss, whilst the percussion pulses like a palpitating heart.

The opening and closing half-line give Stay a realism and it is that brief rending lyric which, for me, really gives the piece its credence.


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