Sonic Hearts Foundation – Afterlife – Video

Sonic Hearts Foundation, from Scotland, have featured a couple of times on the website, most recently a year ago with a review of their début EP Into Forever.

Sonic Hearts Foundation - Afterlife - artwork

Sonic Hearts Foundation – Afterlife – artwork

Whenever I hear the music, I am reminded as to why I like it so much – as industrial malaise – which speaks so much of their home-town of Glasgow – sheers through the speakers.

Their latest offering Afterlife (which is slated for official release on the 11th August) – whilst more electro-pulsing and spacious than much of the previous material, still contains that discordant thumping bass / percussion combination that hammers through the room in a reflection of the realities of the surroundings of Sonic Hearts Foundation with its anomalous life-expectancy compared to the UK average.

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Kármán Line

Kármán Line from London in England is the synth-rock band of Maja Slatinsek (Vocals / Synth), Ryan Small (Guitar / Synth), Dan Gaylard (Bass /Synth) and Sean Crossan (Drums).

Kármán Line - synth-rock from England

Kármán Line

Coexisting inside flowing tracks, lay electro-pop and rock influences as Kármán Line provide the audience with sounds that remind of glowing embers with the gently warming tones.

The easy rolling pieces wrap themselves around the ears as the synths are allowed spacious expanses in which develop, whilst the instrumentation keeps the sounds on an even keel. Kármán Line have balanced the combinations between exploratory electronics and arrow precision bass / percussion to deliver music which has many layers for the listener to enjoy. I haven’t thus far mentioned the vocal, which is the ingredient that, strangely, adds an ethereal feel to the over-all output.

An engrossing three track eponymous single which came out at the end of last year, sadly, hasn’t so far given Kármán Line the increased visibility they deserve. I look forward to hearing more of the quartet over the coming months and wish them every success.

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Hook & Anchor

Hook & Anchor from Astoria in the USA is the folk-rock quintet of Kati Claborn (Vocals / Guitar / Banjo / Ukulele), Gabrielle Macrae (Vocals / Violin), Ryan Dobrowski (Drums), Erik Clampitt (Vocals / Guitar / Pedal Steel) and Luke Ydstie (Bass / Vocals).

Hook & Anchor - Folk Rock from the USA

Hook & Anchor

Hook & Anchor is only about a year old as a band, but the players have lengthy experience as performing musicians as this is immediately evident on hitting play. Taking US country and folk whilst wrapping it up inside rock tempos gives Hook & Anchor a surprisingly upbeat sound. The contributions of the individuals are weaved into each other, giving the resulting tracks an enticing depth of exploration for the listener.

The vocal harmonies, rather then cloying sugar-sweetness are the highlight of the sounds as the instruments lay down plenty to keep the ear twitching. Whilst never slowing to funeral pace, Hook & Anchor is able to deliver slower ballads as effectively as their up-tempo toe tappers.

Whilst self-evidently producing music with a target audience in mind, there is enough grit about the sounds to entice audiences who would in the normal course of events run for the hills at the very mention of the genre.

In my view Hook & Anchor is well worth spending some time to enjoy, not least because they are talented creators. Although, like me, you may find a continual play of their début eponymous LP, which came out this month, more than enough of a good thing, that doesn’t mean to say that there are not some highlights worth adding to the ‘party-light’ playlist alongside digging into the full release from time to time.


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Brett Gleason – Futile & Fooled – Video

Brett Gleason from the USA has been a perennial reoccurring performer over the past four years on the websites.

Brett Gleason - Futile And Fooled

Brett Gleason

The most recent video being Futile & Fooled, which is the penultimate track of the ten on his eponymous LP which came out earlier this year.

Brett Gleason – Brett Gleason is available on iTunes*.

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