COEDS is Anna (Vocals / Guitar), Phillip (Guitar / Vocals), Jeremiah (Bass) and Donald (Drums) an alt-rock band from Savannah in the USA.

COEDS - alt-rock from the USA


Combining rock ‘n’ roll with new wave takes me straight back the the early ’80s and what a fine timeline COEDS play within. The tumultuous pace is switched continually as the quartet demonstrate one moment the ability to play to the gallery and the next with shards of explosive energy that grab the listener by the hair and drags them onto the dance-floor.

The cleverly constructed tracks which unify sparsity with a thumping bass /percussion floor are built up into to sounds which have the audience swaying in time. Even on recording one gets the sense that COEDS is a band who probably spend a lot of time restringing their instruments and patching up the drum kit. The vivacity that spills around the room makes you wish for a direct flight to get to seem them playing live, but with fortune they will be appearing more locally to audiences not just living in Georgia or in the USA.

I guess I should sit down now and finish off the review or else the office will have a broken desk. I look forward to hearing much more of COEDS in short order.

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Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr from Los Angeles in the USA is the garage rock trio of Clementine Creevy (Vocals / Guitar), Hannah Uribe (Drums) and Sean Redman (Bass).

Cherry Glazerr - Garage Rock from The USA

Cherry Glazerr

Shearing the extraneous from the sounds Cherry Glazerr deliver unpretentious music which exemplifies all that is best of the basal roots of rock. Bleeding bass notes are fizzed with a well tempered percussion, whilst the guitar and vocals spread their wings to give the compositions texture.

It is of no surprise that this relatively new band has already gathered a fanatical local following as the out-put is easy to understand and genuine, whilst being delivered with pitch and time perfection, to give the sound an integrity and listenability that is underlain by vitality. That isn’t to think that the songs are simplistic as, within the flowing material, sit well crafted progressions giving the music depth and finesse.

Cherry Glazerr deliver sounds that travel well further afield and the welcome addition of a couple of LPs, the most recent ten track being Haxel Princess which appeared earlier this year, ensure those of us not in the USA and local area can also enjoy the music, which is best shared with friends at an impromptu party.

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Shadowpeak from Utrecht in The Netherlands is the shoegaze quartet of Jordy van den Berg (Guitar / Vocal), Bram Custers (Drums / Vocals), Annelies van Bemmel (Synth / Vocals) and Terry Stooker (Bass).

Shadowpeak - Photo by Gerianne Meijer

Shadowpeak – Photo by Gerianne Meijer

Shadowpeak have a marked thixotropic sound as the music sheers into to flowing sounds that descend into the room from steely guitars which initially given the out-put a jagged composition. The anomalies of the quartet are what makes for an intriguing band as Shadowpeak explore the higher register of sounds in a manner which, for someone with tinnitus fill the ears, yet, within the forceful timbre, they are able to develop the underlying compositions, whilst despite a plethora of vocalists, the voices always remains submerged, featuring more as an harmonic accompaniment.

Given the style of the music, Shadowpeak are able to surprise the listener with the aggressive approach that catches you unprepared and the ears are left with ringing silence as tracks conclude.

A début six track eponymous EP, which is available on bandcamp, was released last month and the twenty three minutes provide the listener with plenty to think about.


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Cyanna Mercury – Ode To The Absent Father- Audio

Cyanna Mercury is a new band from Greece I intend to review in full once there is more music to hear.

Cyanna Mercury

Cyanna Mercury

Fully formed in February of this year the quartet who form Cyanna Mercury released their début two track single on the 23rd of June – Ode To The Absent Father being the title track.


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Whathappenedonthatisland is Jacob Whitcroft from Huddersfield in England.

Whathappenedonthatisland - a new project from England


Whathappenedonthatisland is a good example of why this website exists – still very much in formative mode, in fact it wouldn’t be far off to say this solo project doesn’t really exist yet other than in the minds eye of Jacob, but there is some music to hear and it does have potential and for that very fact deserves someone outside a close circle of family and friends to acknowledge its existence and give a thumbs-up.

An eclectic mix of experimental ambient drone is interspersed with humour and tangents and some pieces work well. In many ways I am reminded, both in band name in material to Lord Of The Flies by Golding. Most definitely not heading for the mainstream, Whathappenedonthatisland, is more a musical accompaniment to anxieties and confusion and for that very fact is a testament in the ability to transfer those perplexities to provide the listener with an unfolding journey. There have been a few other bands at various stages of development who have been reviewed who also carry out this autobiographical dialogue and as always I give full credit for allowing others into that introspection.

Does Whathappenedonthatisland have the legs to move forward? I believe so once a more focussed approach is developed, but for now that doesn’t matter and I wish Jacob all the best however he chooses to continue, what has already arrived is worth taking time to discover.


Welcome To My Black Lodge is available on bandcamp.

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