Call It Reckless

Call It Reckless from Norwich in England is the indie-rock quintet of Rachael Holland (Vocals), James Harpham (Guitar), Tom Griffiths (Guitar), James Bussey (Bass) and Marc Allum (Drums).

Call It Reckless - indie rock from England

Call It Reckless

A soaring sound emerges from the speakers as Call It Reckless join in the throng of bands in this mid-Atlantic coalescing morass of music, yet there is something that finds them rising above the plethora, as inside the commonality of chords lays some not insignificant singularity. The effervescent enthusiastic abandonment raises a smile in the heart, as the quintet throw their heart and soul into the compositions. which have the feet tapping along in harmony as the exuberance gushes into the ears.

This is a difficult space to make a mark, particularly given the mood shift in music over the past few months and I hope that these talented individuals do diverge from their current space, which is in danger of becoming rinse and repeat.

Whatever you do, don’t take the concluding paragraph as a negative, this is a band with so much more to give and one I would really like to see do well as I think they could – if only they chose to travel their own route rather than trammel the current path.

This should be a sound from which I recoil, given the awful drawled accent, which you know I find instantly grating, along with attempting to mine a barren and unfertile soundscape that lies in the Sargasso Sea, but I don’t and that is a testament to the underlying abilities that lay within Call It Reckless. I just hope they redirect their compass of travel to explore their individuality rather than their commonality.


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Chvad SB

Chvad SB is a New York, USA, based experimental music creator.

Chvad SB - experimental music from the USA

Chvad SB

Allow yourself plenty of time before hitting play as Chvad SB delivers his extended pieces which can run to the best part of a quarter of an hour. The grumbling and groaning crackles commingle to form rumblings of malevolence which dissipate through the brain in ever flowing threads of sound. Electronically generated sounds combine with hand-made instruments, guitars and occasional vocal to paint aural abstract imagery of loss.

Whilst stretching the electronics, the music doesn’t sit uncomfortably with the listener who is drawn into the eerie noises that simultaneously have a calming and restive resonance. The creations are not impenetrable as Chvad SB develops the themes of the tracks in exquisite loops, which despite their duration are stripped of the extraneous giving the resulting out-put an earthy realism.

Having been around for a few years now Chvad SB has been able to refine his craft and the latest release, the seven track enigmatically titled, Crickets Were The Compass is a fine exposition of his work. I recommend finding some time to explore the themes and virtual organic synthetics of a talented sound designer.


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Pink Narcissus – Home – Single Review

Pink Narcissus from England have a new single, which is the first recording with their new guitarist Liam McMillan.

Pink Narcissus -Home - Artwork

Pink Narcissus -Home – Artwork

Home stands as a marker to the forthcoming EP Pig Miracle Day.

As is to be anticipated – the song is a heartfelt rendition of the tumult of life and circumspection as once again Pink Narcissus explore themes of self-deprecation, seeking answers to inner turmoil.

The music forms a swirling framework to allow the tortured vocal to deliver an emotional rendition of another fine example of the exposed inner workings of a troubled mind.

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Crashdollz – Dollhouse – Video

Crashdollz from the USA were the editors’ choice for band of the month in January and the following month the readers choice.

Crashdollz - Dollhouse


They seem to have spent much of the year on the road so far and a new video of Crashdollz performing Dollhouse has recently appeared.

CrashDollz – CrashDollz is available on iTunes*

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Nine Dart Finish – Fabio’s Overture – Video

Nine Dart Finish is an England based trio who are planning for an EP launch in the autumn.

Nine Dart Finish - Fabio's Overture

Nine Dart Finish

Having had the opportunity to hear a couple of their songs, I am looking forward to the forthcoming EP. In advance of that a new single Fabio’s Overture is being released on the 4th July.


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