I can’t ever to fail to mention the trade-mark capitalisation by the Australian band BRUCE! every time I write about them – but there it is – and BRUCE! THE EP which came out this week is something to shout about.

BRUCE! - BRUCE THE EP - artwork

BRUCE! – BRUCE THE EP – artwork

The four track release is all over in nine minutes of sharp elbows. Opening with SHAPES AND NUMBERS which hurtles through the room in a visceral snarl of dramatic drops and beats which exemplifies how BRUCE! is able to deliver thumping raging compositions within a tightly woven frame.

CAPTAIN is an anthemic commentary on the blind faith of societal collectivism with a roaring landscape of percussion and bass which require the speakers are turned even louder.

SLUDGE takes nearly fifty percent of the running time coming in at four minutes twenty three seconds of diatribe towards structures and for its very poignancy is inevitably my pick of the release. With this track BRUCE! slow down the tempo, but are no less acerbic for that fact as they allow the music to kick against the morass of conformity.

Concluding with SHIT SELLS which is exactly as it describes – a repudiation of shallow lives in a blistering freneticism of chords.

BRUCE! THE EP (which is available on bandcamp with vinyl scheduled for late July) is a fascinating release which demonstrates the cohesiveness of the band, not only sonically, but politically as each track was written by a different member of BRUCE!.

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Serinette from Middlesborough in England is the alt-indie quintet of  Lou (Vocals), Stu (Bass / vocals), Dave (Guitar / Vocals), Paul (Drums) and Jas ( Keys / Guitar / Vocals).

Serinette - alt-indie from England


Encapsulating  the direction of travel that sits for indie-rock in the the ’10s Serinette is precisely on the pulse of what is becoming less and less alt-indie and more the defining sound of indie-rock in the UK in 2014. This segment of combining synths and instruments in a dance derivation of indie-rock is becoming more congested and this quintet are a fine exponent, who rise above the growing mass.

Serinette switch between the dance driven and the more thought provoking with easy flicks of tempo, whilst maintaining a captivating sound. The lasting memory for me is a vocal which has the ability to add a luscious finish to the out-put whatever the mood of the track. Inside the easy flowing compositions lay weaves of mesmeric instrumental combinations to which the electronics add an audible gravitas.

The fulcrum of this 2014s’ movement pivots on maintaining an under-current of driving progression, around which hip snapping beats regularly come to play whilst the synths provide a moody layer which is in-tune with much of the world, struggling with everyday realities of life. Interestingly for ’70s punk rockers like me who created sounds based on confrontation, whilst the music is far less aggressive, it has no less intensity and I am enjoying the sounds of this year in the UK enormously.

I am waiting on an MP3 of Serinette’s single due for release in July – Pushing Me Slowly, but like an excited puppy, I couldn’t wait. However as there is a week between me writing these thoughts and them being published – I may well have them along with a video by the time you read this, in which case you will have already have received notification of the video from me.

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Serinette – EP – Serinette is available on iTunes*.

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MINOT from Oakland in the USA is the electro-rock trio of Ben Thorne (Bass), Matthew W. Solberg (Guitar / Sampling / Sequencing) and Shannon Corr (Drums / Drum Synth).



Originally formed as a duo, the band took a while to get down to basics and it wasn’t until MINOT became a trio that things moved forward. Combining instruments and electronics the out-put is resplendent in finery, with sounds that weave their way around the room in flowing sequences of sound.

The compositions are complex and can be stood listening to several times over and on each occasion new dimensions will be caught by the ears. Given the intricate nature of the pieces, it is of little surprise that releases are a little sparse, although a new LP the seven track  EQUAL / OPPOSITE is being released on at the beginning of July.

This is music which demands both time and concentration, but is a worthwhile investment of effort as MINOT create music that contains some very well constructed nuances.


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Firstborn – For Our Souls – Audio

The Swedish band Firstborn released their four track EP Old Machinery in May.

Firstborn - Old Machinery - Artwork

Firstborn – Old Machinery – Artwork

The opener is For Our Souls.

Old Machinery – EP – Firstborn is available on iTunes*.

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Eatliz – A Visit To Dendroida – Audio

The Israeli band Eatliz released their third LP All Of It earlier this month.

Eatliz - All Of It - Artwork

Eatliz – All Of It – Artwork

A Visit To Dendroida is track eight of the ten on the LP.

All of It – Eatliz is available on iTunes*.

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