Pandy Corporation – Polly Vaughan – Video

Pandy Corporation from Ireland release their début LP Beacons in the Storm on the 2nd June.

Pandy Corporation

Pandy Corporation

In advance of the release a new video of one of the tracks on the LP has been made available the haunting ambient-folk ballad of – Polly Vaughan.

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Parkwave from Cosenza in Italy is the indie-rock quartet of Mattia (Drums), Fernando (Vocals / Guitar), Ilario (Lead Guitar) and Raffo (Bass).

Parkwave - indie rock from Italy


It is immediately evident on hitting play that Parkwave consists of experienced musicians as although the band is only about a year old, they have the confidence of more seasoned players.

Inevitably my focus is on a resounding rumbling bass / drum combination which sets the scene for the tracks, around this sensation the two guitars swirl like soaring seagulls on the eddies and thermals, whilst the vocal articulates the layers. The audience finds themselves tapping out the beats as the up-tempo music bounces across the room in tightly woven sequences.

Parkwave are establishing themselves on the live circuit and for those unable to get to see them live a four track EP Blow in/out was released at the end of April and a single Inside that came out in March.

I look forward to hearing more of the band and given the start I would expect many others will also get to hear the compositions by Parkwave.

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Skreamer – Flesh and Blood – Video

Skreamer, from England, were first introduced in January 2013 and featured in the New Year Ninety 2014.

Skreamer - Flesh and Blood


Their seemingly perpetual live touring was captured in a video to the soundtrack of Flesh and Blood from the LP Blackened Earth.

Flesh and Blood is available on iTunes*.

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Ignite The Borealis

Ignite The Borealis is an indie-rock group from Grand Rapids in The USA comprising Jake Vanravenswaay (Backing Vocals / Guitars), Matthew Loveless (Drums), David Mouatt (Vocals / Guitars) and Justin Gargus (Bass).

Ignite The Borealis - indie rock from The USA

Ignite The Borealis

Ignite The Borealis is able to switch between the mournful and the cheerful with easy strides, within the remit of what is ostensibly rock driven reference points. The architecture of the tracks remains fairly constant, it is the rhythm section and melodies which enables to the quartet to deliver their differential.

A well polished sound by Ignite The Borealis allows the audience to enjoy the structures of the tunes, knowing a foot won’t be put wrong. Whilst true, there is a radio friendly nature to the tracks, the band is able to scuff the edges a little allowing the ears to find sections with which to grapple and engage.

A recent change in bassist has given the band a slightly different sound than previously offered and it will be interesting to hear the results of this slight shift in dynamics on their LP Frid & Arid, which is pencilled in for release during this summer.


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