Harper – Old Wounds That Never Heal – Audio

Harper from England were introduced in July of last year and have a new EP – Mono No Aware coming out on the 26th May.

Harper - Mono No Aware - Artwork

Harper – Mono No Aware – Artwork

In advance of the release, Harper have made a bonus track available Old Wounds That Never Heal, which will not be appearing on the new four track EP.

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Young Lungs

Young Lungs from Bauru in Brazil is the alternative rock quartet of Ellen da Matta (Bass), David Calleja (Guitar), Guilherme (Vocals / Guitar) and José Antônio N. Martinez (Drums).

Young Lungs - alt-rock from Brazil

Young Lungs

Spirals of dark clouds tumble around the room as Young Lungs take an acerbic look at the world around them. The quartet deliver understated somewhat melancholic themes inside guitar laden melodies. Switching between acoustic and electronic pieces as the mood of the songs suits, their music makes for an interesting discovery.

Extensive use of bass and percussion beats gives the sounds an expressive brooding presence to which the vocal adds to the sombre atmosphere, whilst guitar develops the themes of the tracks.  Only recently getting into their stride the Young Lungs début EP Seeded Player appeared earlier this year. The echoed slightly off-key vocal may not suit everyone’s ears, but rather than striking a discordant note, it suits the themes of the material well.

In keeping with the nature of the songs, the low tech recordings add distinct value to the resulting out-put and I look forward to hearing how the band progress over the coming year.


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Fire at Night – Storms – Audio

With one change to the line-up since being introduced in December 2012 Fire At Night from England have just released their début LP – Obstacles.

Fire At Night - Obstacles - artwork

Fire At Night – Obstacles – artwork

In the intervening year and a quarter Fire At Night have enhanced their sound with more melodic compositions.

Tara Skinner replaced Mark Tyas on Bass and backing vocals at the end of January.  Obstacles was recorded with the original line-up. Track seven of the ten track album Storms has Tara on backing vocals.

Obstacles – Fire At Night is available on iTunes*.

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Rev Porl And The Voice Of God

Rev Porl And The Voice Of God from Manchester in England is the agit-rock collaboration of Rev Porl (Vocals), Stu Crozier (Bass / electronics), Jonnie Moran (Drums), Fish (Guitar), Steve Borsley (Trumpet) and Ros Hawley (Clarinet).

Rev Porl And The Voice Of God - agit-rock from England

Rev Porl And The Voice Of God

Combining a disparity of instruments and a voice that bears a startling similarity to John Cooper Clarke with a 21st Century re-take. If like me, you enjoy music which provokes thought Rev Porl And The Voice Of God are great territory to explore.

Having been in the underground for many a year, this is where it is likely to remain the case as the positioning is seeking to challenge and in the mainstream music media there is absolutely no interest in disturbing their smug little lives.

Were anyone were ever to take an interest, which is why I am asking you take some time out of your day, the combinations of the poetic lyrics which are semi-chanted to an accompaniment of relevant instrumentation seeks to raise pertinent questions about the status quo in a parody of the accepted norms.

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Candy Claws

Candy Claws is a dream pop project from Fort Collins in the USA made up of Kay BertholfKaren McCormick and Ryan Hover.

Candy Claws - Dream Pop from the USA

Candy Claws

No matter where you turn the dial the music will fill the head with it’s fuzzy immersiveness. The journey that is Candy Claws takes the listener on a mysterious journey into the recesses of the minds of the trio. Allow yourself plenty of time to settle back in the dreamy cloak that the band delivers, an exploration you just don’t want to end.

Somehow my three year delay in responding to the introduction seems appropriate. The gauzy veils that Candy Claws delivers makes for time standing still and the more you play, the more the mind wanders into realm of kaleidoscopic psychedelia. Whilst tracks rarely last four minutes, the effect seems as-though you have been away in a world of your own for far longer, much like being in a dream state.

In addition to the recorded tracks, Candy Claws can also be caught live when the line-up extends to five players.

This is a band best absorbed in a long session and I would urge you to find some time in the diary so to do.

My apologies to the band for taking three years to get back to the introduction, but as has always been the assurance, though I may not always be quick, all introductions will be listened to, even if that is only…… eventually.


Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time – Candy Claws is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.