Panophonic- Telephone Poles – Audio

Panaphonic also know as Tom Lugo, who we have met many times previously in the past four and a half years has a new track.



The very simplicity of the conundrums of Telephone Poles make this a track I felt would be four minutes and twenty three seconds of your time well spent.

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Still Rhyming

Still Rhyming is the hip-hop duo of Doak 17 and Rhymez Disguised from Dimapur in India.

Still Rhyming - hip hop from India

Still Rhyming

There is a subtle sound that Still Rhyming deliver, which is something of a surprise given the genre and it is the melodic compositions that mark out the duo as well worth spending time to get to know.

The lyrics, whilst reflective of injustices, are equally inclusive and looking for a path through the conundrums of life. This thoughtful process allows Still Rhyming to create music which has a strangely calming effect and is far from typical of hip-hop, perhaps chill-zone rap would be a better genre definition.

Whilst predominately deploying looped beats, as to be anticipated, the duo also introduce on some tracks the sounds of piano, which demonstrate their desire and ability to scope new ground within the style and it works particularly well.

In a sector of music that I normally find difficulty in engaging, I am looking forward to hearing far more by Still Rhyming in the future.


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