Band of the Month – March 2014 – Editors Choice

Thanks to all the musicians who send me through their music. Some months there are a plethora of bands I could choose as Band of the Month – this month – from Sweden…

LaDiDa - Band Of The Month


The Editors Choice for band of the month is LaDiDa, with their music that never fails to make me smile.

Ladida – Ladida is available on iTunes*.

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Morning Fuzz

Morning Fuzz from New York in the USA is the rock quartet of Frank (Vocals / Guitar), Chris (Bass / Vocals), Michael (Guitar / Vocals) and Jesse (Drums).

Morning Fuzz - rock from The USA

Morning Fuzz

As evidence that there is no need to play around with a tried and tested formula of four people plus instruments and drum-kit and you have the foundations of rock band – Morning Fuzz  – are an example. Not seeking to change the world, rather add to it, the quartet deliver solid rock more than competently.

It is the infinitesimal nature of a combination of between ten and sixteen strings betwixt them that makes reviewing emerging rock bands such a pleasure.  In theory it should have all been heard before, but it never has and Morning Fuzz add a delicious temperament to the genre without ever trying to break the mould.

An interesting band, who it will be of more than cursory intent to follow as they have a sound which has the potential to easily accommodate big stage stadium performance, whether they ever have the opportunity, time alone will tell. Intriguingly, they equally have a style which suits the more intimate venues and well worth getting out to see playing live I would posit.

Whilst transposing smartly to recorded material, Morning Fuzz is almost certainly at their best in live performance, where the inter-play would be far stronger (I imagine) and perhaps why all the best rock bands get round to live recording of their LPs, as studio recordings almost inevitably dilute the real feel of the out-put. That said, as they are only playing in the USA and I am based in the UK, I am nonetheless grateful for the Studio releases I can get hold of. I would council they release a live LP to really showcase the sound.


Chasing Ghosts – Morning Fuzz is available on iTunes*

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Little Bastard – High For You – Video

The hard touring Australian band Little Bastard are set to release their eponymous début LP on the 9th May.

Little Bastard - High For You

Little Bastard

Lamenting as I was on by introduction of Little Bastard back in August last year, over the scarcity of recorded material for a broader international audience, it was some pleasure to discover they have managed to find some time in the studio for an LP. Little Bastard have already, unsurprisingly, rapidly filled up their tour schedule and are back out on the road again.

High For You, from the forthcoming release, has also been made available as a single and video.

High for You – Single – Little Bastard is available on iTunes*.

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KynchinLay – Drink Me – EP Review

KynchinLay from England are on the brink of releasing their five track EP Drink Me.

KynchinLay - Drink Me

KynchinLay – Drink Me

It is always a pleasure to receive hard copies of releases and it is even more appreciated when it is one of only two hundred CDs available. You may recall in my review of KynchinLay back in August I bemoaned the lack of an EP and Drink Me more than makes up for the wait.

Opening with the discordant Leave Me Alone, the band set out the mood of the release, with its brooding presence, casting clouds around the room as the trio deliver a menacing opener which is filled with melodic textures giving the track the sense of an impeding tempest in a piece which extends to a second under four minutes.

The acoustic Live Free Or Die finds the band in a completely unexpected space as the social commentary of the lyric is given centre stage. This is a powerful and superbly executed piece of song writing. Dylan, Gospel, Folk and Hammond Organ combine in a piece of music you just need to replay immediately. I recommend getting hold of the CD and the Digital Download on it’s release in May for this track alone.

Next up comes Public Execution which takes the listener back to the darkness of the trio. KynchinLay have the ability to write songs which develop the mood of the lyrical content within the instrumentation and off-stage sounds, giving the audience both an immediate auditory enjoyment, whilst creating additional context to the pieces.

Dogfathers deploys the bass that as you well know is always my very reason for existence and for the fact of the depth of resonance, my pick of the release.

With sadness we come to the final track My Heart the off beat reggae / Klezmer influenced composition lifts away the gloomy clouds of Drink Me as Kynchilay deliver a gem of a release.

You have a few hours head-start to contact the band to place an order for the CD as the official launch of the CD is this evening in Liverpool at Threshold. My thoughts – if you are near to Liverpool, change your plans for this evening. If you can’t make it or want to ensure you have a copy of the CD drop them a message via their Facebook Page, as, at present the website is being finalised.

I hope the release of Drink Me gives Kynchinlay the step up the ladder they richly deserve as they are highly talented song writers and musicians with much to offer an International audience.

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