Far From Eden

Far From Eden is the acoustic rock quartet of Kimberly Weiss (Vocals), Nathan Goff (Backing Vocals / Guitar), Carissa Hays (Djembé) and Donnie Rose (Guitar) from Dayton in the USA.

Far From Eden - acoustic rock from the USA

Far From Eden

Given the fact of the songs reflecting on the realities of life one can only assume the choice of name Far From Eden with the very close references to Steinbeck and being way to the East of the Salinas Valley it is intended to draw a reference point. However that doesn’t make the compositions and output an intellectual conundrum as the quartet deliver sounds with easy approachability. Though equally they are able to lay down trails of bait to explore.

Staying in theme with the previous two articles Far From Eden are on the darker side of the spectrum with their decortication delicately exposing the innards for investigation. The stark nature of the acoustics afford the band the opportunity to deliver material which has a stark naturalism and accessibility which is quintessentially wrapped in a Pandora’s box of aphorisms, affording the listener the opportunity to gain more as each layer is unwrapped, yet equally satiating at each level.

Ever busy on the live performance circuit in their tenure, I would only ask that Far From Eden make the music more widely available to an international audience with additions of recorded material.


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Black Walls

Black Walls is the ambient drone solo songwriter Kenneth Reaume from Etobicoke in Canada.

Black Walls - ambient drone from Canada

Black Walls

People who are new to the site would be forgiven for thinking the only material covered is sombre and melancholic as Black Walls is of similar theme to The Imaginary Suitcase LP reviewed in the previous article, musically they are of different styles completely, thematically both very introspective.

The billowing black clouds roll across the room enveloping the listener in a shroud of darkness in which the brain becomes fixated. Partially shadowed lyric adds to the atmosphere as the music gathers itself in folds. There is beauty in the blackness which curls around the brain.

Black Walls has been around for a while and the most recent release Communion set for release tomorrow is by far the  most introverted by Reaume, having been recorded at night in a bedroom reminiscing over the death of his father. The very personal and considered nature of the material makes this a release more than worthy of consideration as within that self-enveloped space of inward discovery there are semblances of glimmers of cracks in the skyline.


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The Imaginary Suitcase – Driftwood – LP review

From Belgium –  The Imaginary Suitcase – has a new eleven track LP – Driftwood – scheduled for release on the 10th March 2014.

The Imaginary Suitcase - Driftwood - artwork

The Imaginary Suitcase – Driftwood – artwork

An intense and introspective release offering a reflective on life.

Opening with the title track, Driftwood sets the scene and tone for the LP with sombre haunting summary of life’s experiences.

Bring On The Dancing Horses does lift the darker cloud to reveal a more uplifting chorus, though don’t be fooled into thinking this all smiles.

Next up is Second To None, with flats being used in the chord progressions of the opening guitar to lay down the sense of the song, which recalls the lost joyfulness of youth to be overcome by a life impinged by others in a growing sense of sadness. The Imaginary Suitcase deliver this six minute track as a warning beacon in a style very much of a story handed down through generations.

Half Of Myself changes inference with a fuller band sound to it as bass, percussion and electric guitar join in the storytelling of connectedness, which for the very emphasis of being something of a love-song, exacerbates the loneliness and introspective nature of Driftwood.

Marking the half way point of the LP is Like Rain, which reverts back to acoustics and the sharp contrast between this and the previous song sharpens the focus on the track which reflects on the ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ of being alive.

Opening the second half of the release is Ashes To Ashes.

The seven and a half minute Holy Water brings in new instrumentation to the LP and a vaguely French ballad extraction, making for this and the previous track to stand as sharp contrasts to the earlier pieces and is my pick of the release.

Before I knocked is vocal only and Laurent Leemans is able to inject the emotional context of the piece using only rich voice and echo.

In immediate contrast comes the most up-beat sound on Driftwood, A Plausible Lie which has a rock-a-billy tempo prior to evolving into a theatrical commentary in a song dripping with cynicism. It is worth the price of the LP on it’s own.

The penultimate track Three Sisters brings the LP back to the opening sobriety and sombre nature of the opening parts of the release before mounting into anther prophetic conclusion.

Concluding with Full Moon Lullaby which calmly and appropriately rounds off a fifty minute LP I recommend getting hold of when it becomes available.

Driftwood is available for pre-order on bandcamp.

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Polymorphik Skyzophrenia

Polymorphik Skyzophrenia is an electronica collaboration based in Rennes, France, between D.K. and lA pAttE nOiRe.

Polymorphik Skyzophrenia - electronica from France

Polymorphik Skyzophrenia

Of some long standing, as a collaboration, Polymorphik Skyzophrenia have five LPs behind them as they deliver conceptual electronica with a backdrop of industrial chaos.

Utilising created sounds to form their sonic interpretations of the world the duo emit a starkness within the luxurious textures, hinting at self-imploding structural edifices falling away. The music is experimental in feel, yet retains a sense of purpose and it the seemingly polar opposites of the compositions which make spending time in the company of Polymorphik Skyzophrenia moments well spent.

As much social commentary as free flowing creativity I recommend getting to grips with Polymorphik Skyzophrenia and this is a collaboration I hope will continue for some considerable time. Currently in disparate locations around the world, with a return back to Rennes plannned in the summer maybe we be given the opportunity to discover the next LP in the sequence, which I hazard a guess will be called –  Acte VI.

All five of the current Actes are available for free download.


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