Band of the Month – November 2013 – Readers Choice

Unlike last month when it was nip and tuck between any of of five bands for the band of the month, this time round it has been a clear choice made by the readers.

Above Orange - Band of the month - November 2013 - Readers choice

Above Orange – Band of the month – November 2013 – Readers choice

The band of the month for November 2013 selected by the readers is the Swedish band Above Orange, who kindly gave permission to stream  a track, not previously publicly available, taken from their debut EP Unreal City which comes out on the 5th December – Chamber Of Ours.

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Clandestines from Pembroke in Malta is Daniel Abdilla (Guitar / Vocals), Neil Stafrace (Bass / Vocals) and Samuel Xiberras (Drums).

Clandestines - indie rock from Malta


There are a few places in the world which seem to have an inordinate number of top quality emerging bands and Malta is one such location. For those of you who have transitioned from the old Indie Bands Blog website will know all to well regular features occur of bands from Malta. Clandestines add to that list with their raw and ready sound which could as-well be at home in the USA as in Europe.

A delightful smattering of reverbed and echoed guitar gives a hint of shoegaze without the material loosing the harsher rock edges. The trio who have been together for about three years now are equally adept at slowing the music down and allowing the shimmering guitars to float majestically to the surface as they are at leaving the percussion to hustle the creations in a flailing of energy.

Their debut nine track LP is set for release on the 6th December – Saturday As Usual – which is a fine testament to their ability.


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Hemlock Shaw

Hemlock Shaw from New York in the USA is the experimental songwriter Henry Schiller.

Hemlock Shaw - experimental music from the USA

Hemlock Shaw

Stretching threads of sounds like a spider spinning a web, the material becomes ever more complex and variable and this is one of those occasions that the longer the track runs the more it benefits.

Whilst there are understandable blocks, it is as the music extends that the interplay becomes more intricate, with each seemingly disparate element sliding into the scene and the listener is left with a sense of perplexity as to how it all expands to fill the head with flashes of imagery.

Hemlock Shaw is not seeking to alienate, neither is he attempting to befriend, rather deliver material that stirs each individuals imagination, it is however challenging the listener to slough off preconceptions and expectations whilst allowing themselves the time to let their mind wander.

It was over six months ago that I received the introduction and once again with fortuitous timing Hemlock Shaw is in the process of releasing a new EP in the next couple of months. I have had the opportunity to listen to one of the tracks from the forthcoming release and I can assure you that Henry hasn’t suddenly found the mainstream.


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Band of the Month – November 2013 – Editors Choice

Another month draws to a close and once again thanks to all the musicians around the world for making everyday a pleasure.

Fake Club - Editors choice - band of the month November 2013.

Fake Club – Editors choice – band of the month November 2013.

From England the quintet who make up Fake Club are the editors choice as band of the month for November. With a new release coming out imminently, I have selected as a showcase of their music, a track from almost a year ago.

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