Pitch Feather – Lavender Girl – Audio

Pitch Feather released a new twelve track LP Mountains and Tides yesterday.

Pitch Feather

Pitch Feather

It was back in July 2012 I first took a look at the Singaporean band Pitch Feather and it is good to hear a new release. Track ten on the luxurious LP I have heard the opportunity to hear, is Lavender Girl.

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Indie Music Tips #9 Working With A Producer With Chris Marksbury

I had a conversation with the Photographer and Musician Chris Marksbury.

Chris Marksbury

Chris Marksbury

In this conversation we talk about working with a music producer and how to get the best value out of using a Photographer.

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Straight Arrows

Straight Arrows a garage rock band from Sydney, Australia is Adam, Owen, Alex and Angie.

Straight Arrows - Garage Rock from Australia

Straight Arrows

The lo-fi reproductions and enough reverb to confuse an echo are based on classic rock ‘n’ roll, delivered typically within less than two and a half minutes enrapture the listener. Living up to their name Straight Arrows deliver a sound that isn’t complex, though it is a band immediately heading on to my ‘play this now’ playlist.

Coming up to three years since their debut LP, Straight Arrows have the freshness of a band just starting out as they maintain a high voltage enthusiasm for producing music to sing-along to, even though the lyrics are distorted into the almost undecipherable, but it doesn’t matter that the audience is singing completely the wrong words. This is a band who want their listeners to have a good time and the band delivers that every-time they perform or release material.

The fact that it is pouring with rain, cold and dark outside as I write doesn’t matter at all, this is like a carefree night out mid-summer. Thanks for making it a better day Straight Arrows.


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Shannon Wardrop – I Got You – Video

Shannon Wardrop from England has just put out a video for I Got You.

Shannon Wardrop

Shannon Wardrop

Although I Got You doesn’t feature on the recently released debut four track EP Medicine (which is available on iTunes*) it does provide a good introduction into the music.

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