The Jones Rival – Busted – Video

The Jones Rival have their eponymous debut set for release on the 1st November.

The Jones Rival

The Jones Rival

Having had the opportunity to listen to the EP I would recommend getting your hands on the five track release, filled with garage rock to enjoy. Busted is track two on the release.

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Chelsea Turnbull

Chelsea Turnbull based in London in England is an aspiring singer.

Chelsea Turnbull - a singer from England

Chelsea Turnbull

Here Emerging Indie Bands goes pre-emerging and it is a pleasure to introduce Chelsea Turnbull.

This is a long way from the regular posts as we find Chelsea seeking her landscape, so why would I ask you to spend a moment? First and foremost because I think she has talent and is someone I personally would like to see to do well.

Enough of me…About a year ago I received an email – ‘Tim, I have done a song, can you help.  Whilst interesting vocally, not very helpful, so I posited, Chelsea, something else – saving hard, some other songs arrived and once again I snarled, after more saving up a couple of tunes dropped in my email today.

I have heard an EPs worth of covers from Chelsea and not only does she have staying power and determination, she also has a voice that deserves attention, I have faith she also has the ability to write her own songs.

With this I introduce Chelsea Turnbull, to Chelsea, please write your own songs as I know you have the ability, have faith in yourself, with best wishes for a sparkling career – Tim

For more information on speaking to Chelsea, well for now, I am her primary contact point to drop me an email to tim @ and I will ensure she receives your thoughts.

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Sounds Of Sputnik

Roma Kalitkin a solo musician from Moscow in Russia performs under the name of Sounds Of Sputnik to deliver his psychedelic space rock.

Sounds Of Sputnik - psychedelic space rock from Russia

Sounds Of Sputnik

Once again, as with the old URL Indie Bands Blog on the first Russian entry, I find myself in a quandary of where to place Russia in the continent category and once again it appears under Asia, simply to due to the relative landmass in Europe and Asia. Of course as previously, the first review is of a Russian outfit is someone sitting in Europe. However, you aren’t reading this to hear about my travails with geo-political and continental boundaries…. Sounds Of Sputnik

Dim the lights, lie back and gaze-upwards and let Sounds Of Sputnik wend its way into your mind and in a trance you will find yourself floating in the cosmos, what an appropriately named band.

Predominately purely instrumental, the music envelopes the mind in warming bass notes, whilst echoed chords drift lazily across the room captivating the thoughts, while an omnipresent electronic hum adds to the experience of the material, this is not music to hurry, rather to enjoy at leisure and is well worth allowing the music to take over the mind.


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