Band of the Month – October 2013 – Readers Choice

During October the readers have gravitated predominately to five bands and the  band of the month for October is from India.

The Vinyl Records - band of the month October 2013 - Readers Choice

The Vinyl Records – artwork by Karan Singh

The Vinyl Records topped the chart this month.

Many thanks to you, a reader of the website for taking time out of your day to explore the bands reviewed.

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Priory Jones and The Mission

Priory Jones and The Mission an alt-indie band from Mansfield in England is Priory Jones (Vocals / Guitar / Keyboard), Ryan Flynn ( Guitar / Vocals), Daniel Kinton (Bass) and Bill Alex Charleston King (Percussion).

Priory Jones and The Mission - alt indie from England

Priory Jones and The Mission

Heading like a mole under the soil, Priory Jones and The Mission suddenly build a breathing space in the middle of the lawn that demands attention. This is a band with which to tarry a while.

Immediately resonating inside the tympanic membrane, the quintet reminds me of a quivering feather-tail as the guitars strut, whilst behind a sharp cutting percussion slices away. The bass meanders off to angles of division which gives the instrumentation its incisive protrusions and holding it all together is a necklace of reverbed vocal. The electronics add even more interest to the sound bringing an early ’80s influence to the context.

Priory Jones and The Mission are deft exponents of delay and this is what raises the material above the throng. On live performance, it will work, as long as the sound engineer has a handle on it and I hope they have the front to demand what they need, else it won’t resonate.

Turn up your delay and echo even further than the quartet have managed on recording and you will find a sublime space in which to watch the earth being turned.

I stumbled across Priory Jones and The Mission via a management connection through ScenicLife – thanks Michelle.

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Garry Pitcairn

Garry Pitcairn is vehicle for the singer / songwriter / multi instrumentalist Gabriele Maruti from Milan in Italy to expose an avenue of symbolic rock, with Steve Lions on drums.

Garry Pitcairn - symbolic rock from Italy

Garry Pitcairn

Step back from the freneticism of the day and settle back for an engaging ride with Garry Pitcairn. Metaphors abound in the visual contextualisations that drift across the floor before rising in a haze of a delayed smoke bomb and the  listener is suddenly enveloped in a mist of languid tumerity, such are the paroxysms of the music.

A diversity of subsumed instrumentals are proffered to the ears, each melting into the next and it is only after a moment under the anaesthetic that the audience finds they are transfixed in an array of textures. There is a vocal context, however that too is fluxed inside the landscape, this is music to enjoy for its evocatism.

If none of the above helped – think melting chocolate infused with cream – luxuriant in the extreme.

I thank Sefano of Danza Records for putting up with my vitriol over his emails introducing Garry Pitcairn – hey I even managed to argue over the population of The Pitcairns, which perhaps is an indicator of how a band speaking to me directly will get a better response than an intermediary with a ‘cut and paste’ press release gumph.

Most importantly – a delightful score I recommend spending some time to enjoy.


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Elm Treason

Elm Treason – a rock outfit from Staten Island in the USA is the duo of Andrew Roman and Robert Steel.

Elm Treason - Rock from the USA

Elm Treason

Sometimes glittering guitars are what makes for a focal point that makes perfect sense and Elm Treason is one of those occasions. In principle extended guitar sequences should send me off to read a book, however these guys are able to make those interventions not only relevant, but the focal point of interest.

Undoubtedly talented and confident musicians Elm Treason in a few short tracks are able to lift the listener to a sense of well-being with their optimistic and shimmering electronic and acoustic flecks of gold. When creators are so relaxed into their groove they have the ability to take even the most jaded ears into a state of reverie into a genre they normally recoil from – that is the ultimate testament of creativity.

Seamlessly, they add a new dimension to a style of music that theoretically has been ploughed, resown, reaped and recycled, yet Elm Treason add something new and invigorating to it all.

With a recent EP behind them (With You – which is available on iTunes*) and a new LP Days Of Reaction scheduled in short order, I look forward to hearing more of what is at the core a mainstream rock band  – and it isn’t very often you find me writing those words.


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Band of the Month – October 2013 – Editors Choice

What a great month October has been for new entries on Emerging Indie Bands with approaching a hundred new bands featured.

<b>Ease Up - Band of the Month – October 2013 – Editors Choice</b>

Ease Up

Making the choice for band of the month – Editors Choice was a pleasure as I listened once again to the reviews for the month.

Thanks once again to the the thousands of musicians who brighten up my days.

From the USA – Ease Up is my selection, with their 21st Century take on reggae.

On the Fly – EP – Ease Up is available on iTunes*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.