The Bennetts

From Athens in Greece we find the indie-pop outfit The Bennetts comprising Fotis (Vocals / Guitar), Thanasis (Guitar), Don Mondie (Bass) and Akis (Drums).

The Bennetts - indie pop from Greece

The Bennetts

Perfect Friday morning fayre, The Bennetts produce music with no frippery that gets right to the heart of the matter, garage driven indie-pop with slight guitar distortion which matches the idiosyncratic vocal and the whole sound catches the listener slightly off guard.

These guys are masters at raising an enormous question mark the moment you hit play as they continually play slightly off key, which were it not for the fact that they can carry off so well you are initially tempted to write it off as a band needing to practice more. Don’t let that initial thought sully your continued listening. It is this quirky tongue in cheek approach that actually is the key attraction to The Bennetts.

As necessary and appropriate to the mood of  the song, they slide majestically into the natural melodies and the whole discordance of it all takes on an immeasurable glow of good humour

About a year old now The Bennetts have just released their debut seven track LP Dreamkeepers, on the USA indie label Jigsaw Records who are developing a name for themselves in the quirky world of indie-pop, to follow up their earlier single .


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Neonfaith – Eponymous – EP review

Neonfaith from New York in the USA have a new six track EP set for release on the 1st October.



Running at just under 25 minutes Neonfaith continue with their exploration of the luxuriant in this release.

Opening with Escape, a beautifully textured track that rings of the imagery that flows through the music put out by the trio (don’t be confused by the four heads in the artwork). The opener harks of ’70s funfair sounds which have been muted as though through the lens of time.

Next is Lowlands has reversed scratch reflecting in the pools of ebbing water as the band digs ever deeper into the sub-woofer stretching territory. A delightful four and a half minutes of dream electronica.

Tied Together is more percussion led which gives it a more stark and earthy feel and although it only runs for just under three minutes is my pick of the release as it demonstrates the ability Neonfaith to wrest the most out of the least.

Darkest Light heads back towards the opener and is a far lighter texture as the notes are dampened almost as-though recorded through a microphone in a soundproofed room. Superb.

Fifty Three 51 in contrast brings out big echoes and fuzzing to deliver a aurally intoxicating piece of music.

The concluding track Mercury was my introduction of the band almost a year ago and a pleasure to hear again on the EP.

Neonfaith are masters at creating evocative tracks that draw in the listener to settling back and dimming the lights to allow the ambient flickers to gently float around the brain.

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Scenic from Perth in Australia is the ambient electronic quartet of Adam, Eric, Doug and Nicholas.

Scenic - ambient electronic from Australia


Scenic produce a sound which would make you think they sit squarely in the South West Coast America scene as the washes of watercolour sounds flow across the room. Generous loops of electronica are given room to explore the spaces whilst percussion and guitar define the shapes and hazed vocals blur the edges leaving the listener feeling as though they are in an immersion tank.

I really should have set this for publication on Saturday after a great Friday night out, but having spent some time having a listening to the unhurried and relaxed sounds I thought the weekend needed extending back to Thursday.

This is music which fits across much of the globe, to such an extent it was a French label – Tigersushi who gave them their first recording breaks. Now signed with the Australian label Future Classic they have recently released a five track EP – Shockwaves. Their music is gaining far broader recognition and with the Australian summer festival season just beginning to set up schedules and get into flow, I would expect to hear far more of Scenic over the coming year.


Shockwaves – EP – Scenic is available on iTunes.*

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Vegas With Randolph – Salt Water Taffy – Audio

Vegas With Randolph release their new LP Rings Around The Sun imminently.

Vegas With Randolph - cover for Rings Around The Sun

Vegas With Randolph – cover for Rings Around The Sun

Track 2 on the release is Salt Water Taffy and despite it being over two years since I last wrote about the band, the sound is immediately recognizable.

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