Band of the Month – September 2013 – Readers Choice

The band of the month for September as chosen by the readers of the stable of websites that make up IBB is from England.

Emerging Indie Bands

Emerging Indie Bands

The stats for selecting the readers choice is made over 7 different criteria and this month – Lieutenant Tango – is the result of that algorithm.

Thank you to the readers of the websites and thank you to the bands – without both of you these pages would just be blank spaces.

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Audio Disease

Tom Harris (Lead Vocals), Daniel Bremner (Guitar), Luke Bradley (Bass), Josh Warby (Rhythm Guitar) and Scott Davies (Drums) from Dudley in England make up the rock band Audio Disease.

Audio Disease - rock music from England

Audio Disease

Making full use of the two guitars Audio Disease send out soaring riffs of fretwork which sits within the context of classic rock. Referencing influences from across the generations the quintet are able to offer their rapidly growing fan-base with a smart mixture of sounds that provide well considered hooks and also are able to play a more considered and thoughtful melodies.

Relatively newly out of the blocks, if their start is anything to go by, Audio Disease are set fair for a great career as a band as they demonstrate both able song-writing skills and the ability to get the most out of the tracks musically. Well defined compositions are delivered fluidly and each member of the band adds their own defining brush stroke to the overall sound.

In support of a new single that came out yesterday – Breakaway – and their May LP Contagion (which is available on iTunes*) –  they are on an extended UK tour which should see them gain an even wider audience in short order.


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Band of the Month – September 2013 – Editors Choice

After years of having been asked to do it I have finally decided to come up with a new section – my personal choice of a band I have reviewed.

Tim Whale

Tim Whale

At just past midnight on the last day of each month I will post an Editors choice as Band of the Month, which is bands I have reviewed in the past month. To keep the writers ego in check at just before midnight on the same day I will also post the readers choice of band of the month – well that is the plan anyway.

The September Editors choice band of the month is the German band C-Types.

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Human Behavior

Human Behavior is the alt-folk band from Tuscon in the USA comprising Andres, Ron, Logan, Jessa, Emily, Morgan and Jordan.

Human Behavior - alt-folk from the USA

Human Behavior

There is something of great interest in a band who take what is typically a generally a genre of sagacity and turn it into a whimsical storyline of the dark and twisted and for this I just have to recommend spending some time with Human Behavior.

One is called to mind the difference between an American produced film which invariably ends with it all working out in the end and a British production that normally ends with the chaos and comeuppance the storyline would indicate. Given that the band resides in the State of the saccharine, this only adds more poignancy to the material.

Despite the number of players, Human Behavior produce a sound that is calmly reflective and not complicated by instrumentation. A couple of years behind them now they has established something of a cult reputation and this is a cult I would recommend joining if you like the darker spectrum. Having spent the past few hours listening to bands of a more ‘as to be anticipated’ sound they come as a delightful contrast.

Taken from their latest LP – the 13 track GolgothaVintage Dad is a great place to get a feel for Human Behavior.


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