Alphabet Backwards – Pockets – Video

Alphabet Backwards the electro-indie band from Oxford in England have a new video for their single Pockets.

Alphabet Backwards

Alphabet Backwards

The very upbeat nature of the sounds snap back the ears and get the feet tapping. After an LP almost a year ago Little Victories I look forward to new material which will hopefully be appearing soon.

Little Victories – Alphabet Backwards is available on iTunes*.

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Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet

Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet is Henke Wermelin (Vocals), Carl Ederfors (Drums), Håkan Jansson (Bass), Sarah Görsch (Piano), Josef Wikström (Guitar), Mattias Gyllström (Trombone) and Jonas Hultberg (Saxophone) an alt rock band from Göteborg in Sweden.

Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet - Photo by Emelie Wermelin - alt rock from Sweden

Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet – Photo by Emelie Wermelin

Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet is something of a change from many of the bands that wing their way to me from Sweden. The material oozes of Americana country rock to which the band adds a Scandinavian twist, but in the main musically essentially fairly upbeat and uptempo, to which the lyrics superbly wrestle with societal inequalities.

The core quintet function on multifarious levels choosing to add the players of trombone and sax as the occasion arises to add even more dimensions to individual tracks.

It is the ability of Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet to take a what is essentially fairly one dimensional and add a spectrum of textures that attracts the ears. The cohesion of the wide open American Plains and the landscapes of Sweden somehow makes sense and it almost as-though that is what the band is aurally painting for the listener.

This isn’t music to play just before heading out on a hen / stag -night, but it is something to add to the track list towards the close down of an evening with friends. Resonant of a great evening of intelligent and wide-ranging conversations.


The New Black Is Blue – Henke Wermelin & Nattskiftet is available on iTunes*

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Lots Of Love

Lots Of Love is the vehicle for Los Angeles USA based indie pop singer songwriter Jessica Fleischer to deliver her ideas.

Lots of Love - indie pop from the USA

Lots of Love

There are very rare occasions when pop bubbles and great song-writing are not an oxymoron and Lots Of Love is one of those cases. Somehow Jessica is able to make lyrics of sentimental slush sound harder edged and it is this ability to give credibility to the incredulous that I just enjoy. Musically nothing like, but over all the effect similar to Isabella Rossellini singing Blue Velvet in the David Lynch film – intoxicating.

Jessica Fleischer is not only deftly able to handle the compositions of the songs, but to add a slightly ironic twist to it with a vocal that transfixes the attention of the listener. A fine debut ten track  LP From The Start was released on the 27th August which should find Lots Of Love gain wider interest. There is more to the sounds than a fine vocal as the instruments also keep a lid on the pink froth within a well behaved rock derivative that harkens to the ’60s and ’50s.

There is much to enjoy here, even a cynic such as myself finds themselves defrosting slightly as the material contains none of the crass marketing autocue that lives inside much of this genre as Jessica writes about her own emotional twists and turns, throwing them up for investigation. I hope Jessica continues with this honesty going forward as this is what is the real value that differentiates Lots Of Love from mainstream pop pap.


From the Start – Lots of Love is available on iTunes*.

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Rural Ghosts – Limbo – Audio

Rural Ghosts from the USA have their debut LP – the nine track City Of Elms through Lorem Ipsum Recordings, coming out on the 1st October.

Rural Ghosts - City Of Elms - cover artwork

Rural Ghosts – City Of Elms – cover artwork

The trio with their enigmatic haunting style have, in advance of the release, which I have had the opportunity to listen to and a fine debut it is too,  here is track two Limbo.

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Placard an indie rock band from Buenos Aires in Argentina is Laura CarbajalJoaquín SerpeMiguel Barrenechea and Martín Rabaglia.

Placard - Indie Rock from Argentina


There is an undertow of influences from Velvet Underground as is common with many of the rock bands I have reviewed from Argentina over the years. The dark shifting moods of the music sit well in the ears as they explore a broad sweep of sounds that centre around a brooding core of rumbling bass / percussion.

Whilst delving into the darker recesses of the mind the material doesn’t leave the audience feeling on a downer, as Placard pack a powerful punch that makes its mark as the music is, in the main, swept along in a mass of activity in a fairly rapid tempo. Whilst undoubtedly possessing a ‘home-grown’ quality to the sound this, if anything, adds even more credibility to the material.

The quartet have been able to capture a core sense of genuine engagement that they are able to deliver in a fine thread of music. With three releases behind them they have gained the experience to deliver their slightly frayed sounds in a fashion that keeps the fans coming back for more and I will certainly be joining those wanting to get hold of the next release.


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