Avon Cottage

Avon Cottage an indie rock band from Calne in England comprises James E Anderson ( Vocals / Guitar), Jack Burston (Guitar), Murray Somerville (Bass) and Simon Weeds (Drums).

Avon Cottage - indie rock from England

Avon Cottage

There is a distinctly underground air to the sounds that Avon Cottage produce as they are unafraid to push the edges a little without it becoming overly complicated, but adding enough of a shift to pull the listener to pay more attention.  The music is an evocative flurry of high energy and rapidly delivered phrases which tumble across the room in perfect unison, as a real credit to the relative inexperience of the players.

The lyrics reflect both on personal relationships and a broader canvas of integration within a wider community delivered to a saw-tooth of guitar accompanied by a well-defined percussion that lends considerable power to the material.

It was some months ago that I spoke to James for the Indie Music Tips series when he chatted to me about measures of success and it is a pleasure to hear some more of the music.

Although having to improvise with towels and bedroom furniture to create a vocal booth, the end result is a smartly recorded four track demo EP by Avon Cottage. Creativity for Independent Musicians extends not to just creating the songs, but finding a way to record them.


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Frankie Rose – Street Of Dreams – Audio

Frankie Rose from the USA is set for the release of her third LP Herein Wild on the 24th September.

Frankie Rose - photo by - Sebastian Mlynarski

Frankie Rose – photo by – Sebastian Mlynarski

I rarely have much truck with cover versions as you know, but when the original is by The Damned, who as regular readers will be well aware is an out-fit for whom I have much time, I am able to break the habit of a life-time. Street Of Dreams is taken from the LP.

Street Of Dreams is available on Amazon*.

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Love X Stereo (러브엑스테레오) – Ocean Breeze – video

Love X Stereo (러브엑스테레오) from South Korea is heading out for their first tour in North America imminently, taking in festival invites both in Canada and the USA.

Love X Stereo (러브엑스테레오)

Love X Stereo (러브엑스테레오)

Here is Ocean Breeze, which encapsulates the retro – electro rock feel of the band who employ both instruments and synths to deliver their exuberance.

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Sherpa is Early SansBen JackDaniel Barrett and Vince McMillan – an alternative indie band from Auckland in New Zealand.

Sherpa - alternative indie from New Zealand.


There is a retrospective ’60s feel to Sherpa. The music calls to mind glass blowing, as the molten silica is formed into recognizable shapes. Sherpa deliver a slightly fuzzed undercurrent that, as it develops, winds in to focus and the music takes on distinguishable formations.

Easy to engage with and immediately engrossing the quartet have a decent handle on song writing and composition. Their earlier work, despite its undoubted strength, I am left with a slight feeling of the munchies, akin to eating a Chinese takeway – satisfying, but – the hunger pangs arriving soon afterwards. The reason for this is the frequent lack of a well defined percussion and bass line, which as regular readers know, I often need, to shape the out-put. Sherpa benefit by bringing these lower registers more easily accessible to the listener, as they do on their recent  single – Love Films, which sadly I am unable to share with you.

I am hoping that Sherpa continue with this sharper definition in the forthcoming LP as it raises them to a far higher plane and a space which gives them a far stronger impact. It will be interesting to see if the quartet have transitioned to a more powerful sound as the single would indicate, or whether the single is a one off – time will tell.


Lesser Flamingo – Sherpa is available on iTunes*.

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KynchinLay an alt indie band from Liverpool centres around K G Wilson (Vocals / Guitar), Damien Welsh (Drums) and Mal Williams (Bass).

KynchinLay - alt indie from England


There are a melange of retrospective new wave and ska influences that weave their way through the music of KynchinLay, that isn’t to say this is a tour through the history books as the material breathes of the moment.

The contemplative sounds slide out of the speakers in black clouds of angst that wrap around the head in an enveloping embrace, as percussion and bass lay the frame for the compositions. The arterial flow comes through a precise guitar over which plays the vocal commentary of the social mores of the environment around. The tracks are varied in texture and whilst each stands well on its own the cohesion of the full spread far better demonstrates the abilities of the band.

The highly creative musicians whilst extrapolating the conundrums of the times, also seem somewhat inextricably caught up in them as they continue to release singles rather than doing what makes more sense to the listener – combining them together to give a full perspective.

I have been in contact with the band for some time and it is when I now put fingers to keyboard that I am able to define what I find frustrating and has held me back so far. Please let the songs out in one EP as in context it all makes far more sense than disjointed singles. Sure I appreciate that many people prefer to purchase singles, but if the music needs releasing as a body of work, then it needs releasing as a body of work. I am sort of drawn to the concept – had Sham 69 released the fourteen tracks of That’s Life one by one, would it have made sense? I fear that while KynchinLay have so much to offer they are being prescriptive in the doses they allow the fans to hear.

However if you happen to be anywhere near where they are playing live, then I am sure it is a different story as the music that they do release on recording is of the highest quality and it is a pleasure to introduce KynchinLay to Emerging Indie Bands.


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