12gafs from Athens in Greece is the alt-rock quartet of Panos Glinos, Dimitris Sakellariou, Antonis Mantakas and Vassilis Petris.

12gafs - alt-rock from Greece


Don’t hit play until you are standing up as 12gafs skittle around the room in a delightful fizz of dance steps. A sublime beat slips its way into the body and you will find yourself catching your breath with an involuntary six step as the quartet sizzle up ’50s to the ’10s in a natural progression.

12gafs are not all about fast pace, as they have the ability to slow down the music completely to a darker more considered space with songs that reflect of emotional tumult and this ability to focus energies from the physical to the mind gives the quartet a place of more than passing interest.

A well tempered percussion holds the out-put together as all else is framed by the ever present beating drums. The bass is given responsibility for setting the mood of pieces, whilst guitars paint the flourishes as an expressive vocal finesses the variations of theme and the resulting delivery by 12gafs lays comfortably on the ears, whilst retaining attention.

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An eponymous LP is available on bandcamp, which serves more as an introduction compilation as all the songs were recorded separately and subsequently gathered together.

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