10 String Symphony – The Ballad Of Bruno – Audio

The US folk duo 10 String Symphony released the LP Generation Frustration on the 13th.

10 String Symphony

10 String Symphony

Named after the selection of instruments which consists of one of two styles of five string fiddle and a five string banjo 10 String Symphony are able to capture music that has an earthiness which underpins an expansive vocal through which subtle intonations of electronica blend the edges.

Unsurprisingly the songs have a bluegrass inflection, that in the new LP is interwoven, appropriately, with a celtic lilt having been produced in Scotland, of unexpected note is the politically charged nature of the music, which by album title alone – Generation Frustration – alerts to the perspective.

My pick of the release is the antepenultimate of the ten The Ballad Of Bruno.


Generation Frustration – 10 String Symphony is available on iTunes.*

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