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The US industrial-electronica creator Ⓩⓔⓔⓚⓞ released the LP Love on the 8th.

Ⓩⓔⓔⓚⓞ - Love - artwork

Ⓩⓔⓔⓚⓞ – Love – artwork

Akin to listening to distorted short-wave radio, almost as-though a Numbers Radio Broadcast there is a stark oppressive coded presence to the music she creates.

From the six track album (available on bandcamp) – Up In Your Head – the antepenultimate, retains its dark imprint on the mind long after the transmission has gone off-air.

Still a project in formation and busy creating new tracks having most recently started to include voice in compositions – plans are also afoot to introduce a drummer to double the line-up allowing Ⓩⓔⓔⓚⓞ to perform with both the bass, electronic backdrop and live drums on stage.

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