Фонија (Fonija) – Робот или дете (A Robot Or A Child) – Video

The Macedonian alt-rock band Фонија (Fonija) regularly feature on the site.

Фонија (Fonija) - Робот или дете

Фонија (Fonija)

From the LP …Bez Ime ( Unnamed), the sixth of the nine tracks Робот или дете (A Robot Or A Child). finds the trio casting their wary eye over societal manipulation.

The track begins with an enjoyable one string strumming before evolving into the energetic pressure waves of sound that are the signature of Фонија (Fonija). A surprisingly emotive vocal is given a rare run out as Робот или дете (A Robot Or A Child) allows the band to show-case one of their more melodic compositions.

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