Наадя (Naadia) – Омут (Whirlpool) – Video

Наадя (Naadia) is a Russian dream-wave quintet.

Наадя (Naadia)

Наадя (Naadia)

Combining synths and instrumentation together with an evocative vocal allows Наадя (Naadia) to deliver music that soars around the room like a murmuration of Starlings sweeping across the skies.

From their eponymous LP, the fifth of the eleven tracks Омут (Whirlpool) wraps the listener in tender embrace as shifts of pace and intensity massage the body and soul. Наадя (Naadia) is able to invest the track with the passion and gentleness of exploring a lovers body as the instrumentation and synthetics glide around in shifting patterns of touch, whilst the voice soothes and teases.

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