Bazooka – Ζούγκλα (Jungle) – Video

The Greek alt-rock quintet Bazooka released the EP Ζούγκλα (Jungle) on the 27th.



A four track release (available on bandcamp) of disparate narrative – one moment finding the listener hurtling through the room in frenzied dance step the next laying aside a campfire quietly tapping a tambourine, yet always engrossing as Bazooka deliver a set of songs in which the audience becomes transfixed by both the breadth of sounds and equally the intricate structures of each composition.

Necessarily, and unsurprisingly for those who are frequent readers of the site, the most energetic fusillade of sound is likely to be my pick of the release, which in this instance is the opener and title Ζούγκλα (Jungle).

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Valerio Lysander – I’m screwed – Video

It has been over three years since the England based sardonic-rock project Valerio Lysander last featured.

Valerio Lysander - I'm screwed - artwork

Valerio Lysander – I’m screwed – artwork

The latest release, a one track plus one remix single, I’m screwed (available on bandcamp) discovers a different set of brushes heading to the canvass.

Whilst the distinctive voice is immediately recognisable there is a more rancorous perspective, that snaps through the room in a track that reflects of a world receding in to silos of isolation disregarding anything other being in a fortified bunker, which lays under a warm blanket of keys, acoustic guitar and kazoo.

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The Danish dystopian-industrial-wave project is set to release the début LP wat.r is free imminently.

On hitting play on the fifth of the eleven tracks – thesign – the listener is undecided upon which direction to run as an all encompassing plunger splurges out of the speakers sucking all, akin to a tsunami, as it engulfs the room and leaving merely water in its wake and revealing, as the sounds recede, unmitigated destruction in the lee of its wake which promptly settles in unconcerned balmy sunlight water, leaving the audience to pick up their own scattered pieces of their lives.


Thesign – is available on iTunes.*

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Superbean – Shit Show – Video

Superbean is an alt-rock trio from the USA.



Drawing influences from mod and brit-blues the trio deliver in their latest release – Shit Show (available on bandcamp) – a track of powerful instrumentation and percussion combinations that have the listener joining in on the dance-floor whilst paradoxically the vocal, which also sounds of good nature, is expressing a lyric of societal-inequalities with scathing contempt.

Conjoining derision with a sense of togetherness with the 99% –  give their protestations greater impact than would be achieved through phlegm strewn lips screaming invective.

I apologise for the late scheduling of this song which has been sitting in my email inbox since earlier this month.

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Hannah Harper – Appetite – Video

Hannah Harper is an English synthwave creator.

Hannah Harper

Hannah Harper

The combinations of synth, percussion and a distinctive vocal encase the listener in a beguiling flow of music that ensnares the mind in its luscious textures.

Having initially taken the music to stage, only just over a month ago and rapidly gaining more performance opportunities locally – though it can only be a matter of a short period of time prior to those shows spreading more widely geographically, Hannah Harper recently released the début single Appetite which showcases a talented creator with much to offer the world of music and I look forward to hearing more material.


Appetite – Single – Hannah Harper is available on iTunes.*

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