1000facez – Ska At The Disco – Video

The Moldovan newwave trio 1000facez kindly sent notes of an LP in the offing.

1000facez - Ska At The Disco


I was sent four live recordings of tracks that will be on the forthcoming as yet unnamed album – where to start?  Perhaps – by clearing the room to allow space to dance – followed by turning up the speakers before going anywhere near the play button – as 1000facez dig deep pockets in to late ’70s, whilst adding their own more local cultural flourish.

From the choices available to me – my selection – who can resist a good old moonstomp with Ska At The Disco.

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Jess And The Bandits – Start A War – Video

The US / England country quintet Jess And The Bandits release the LP Smoke And Mirrors on the 15th of September.

Jess And The Bandits

Jess And The Bandits

From the forthcoming album a live stripped back acoustic version of Start A War recently surfaced which allows the highly impressive vocal to take centre stage with little adornment and indicates why their appeal is international.


Smoke and Mirrors – Jess and the Bandits is available on iTunes.*

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Echotape – Forget It – Video

It has been a couple of years since the English indie-rock out-fit Echotape last featured.

Echotape - Forget It


Currently finalising details for the release of the EP This Could Be Anything. The first track to surface, which itself will be made available as a stand alone single on the 22nd of September – Forget It – is of more summery disposition than music of theirs previously featured.

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Kickin Valentina – Turns Me On – Video

The US heavy-metal quartet Kickin Valentina release the LP Imaginary Creatures on the 11th.

Kickin Valentina

Kickin Valentina

Doing everything it needs to do to find a line of headbanging nods whilst filling the room with the scent of faded leather jacket – the second of the ten tracks from the forthcoming album is Turns Me On. Kickin Valentina, quite rightly, don’t attempt to reinvent the wheel.


Imaginary Creatures – Kickin Valentina is available on iTunes.*

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Shyguy – Had It I’m Hiding – Video

The Australian dreamwave creator Shyguy is currently finalising details for an EP.



From the forthcoming release Had It I’m Hiding is a shadowy track that holds references to derivations of rock which are couched in a dreamy-electronic flow which is steeped in a melancholic soundtrack.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill – the music ‘… is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key…’. and therein lays the allure of Had It I’m Hiding.

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