The Omnific – Objets De Vertu – Video

The Australian prog-rock trio The Omnific release the EP Kismet on the 24th of November.

The Omnific - photo credit - Cam Penrose Photography

The Omnific – photo credit – Cam Penrose Photography

The first composition to surface from the EP is Objets De Vertu – a track which has a an angularity to it that hints of jazz influences running through it, which simultaneously the natural ebb and flow of the song affords a sense of an extemporised jam session in which the listener is invited to wander with the instrumentation.

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Madi Leeds – Water to Me – Video

The Australian alt-folk creator Madi Leeds released the EP Spinning on the 10th.

Madi Leeds

Madi Leeds

Don’t go anywhere near the play button before finding some dayglo socks and equally garish brothel creepers and as you make your way back to the turntable – ensure you have left space behind you to stretch the limbs and sway with the breeze.

A five track album of sonorous landscape which wends its way through easy glide to full on stomp. The fulcrum around which everything revolves is the alluring vocal which akin to a powerful magnet draws the listener to its unseen, yet, irresistible gravitational force.

The closer – Water To Me – is the bounciest track – rockabilly too and therefore necessarily my pick of the release.

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HateviruS – ArchiteKt oF HatE – Video

The Romania / England based metal trio HateviruS are finalising details of the release of their début LP Hateful Mind.



Sprung from a narrative of disappointment about the unnecessary divisions and expressions of hate prevalent across much of the world HateviruS deliver a fury of dark metal appealing for a fight-back against messages of exclusion and intolerance.

The latest track to be revealed from the album –  ArchiteKt oF HatE, available on bandcamp as a stand-alone single, contemplates that it is easy to be sucked in to the wall of hate and gain a sense of tribal identity by joining in with sneering derision and resultingly loosing ones own moral compass.

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Katalina Kicks – We Don’t Care – Video

The English alt-rock trio Katalina Kicks release a new single on the 13th.

Katalina Kicks - photo credit @andrewcotterill

Katalina Kicks – photo credit @andrewcotterill

Over time the trio has changed players, each iteration necessarily developing a different dimension of travel, though always something you feel the need to listening to with limbs wrapped with partner. To attempt a more specific genre-definition with We Don’t Care I sense that – sexy-rock – is not too far wide of the mark as the breathy vocal teases the inner thigh whilst the winding instrumentation and electronica brushes the earlobe and caresses the neck while the percussion matches the pace of the racing and ever more desirous heart.

Given, additionally, that the lyrical content is of agitation with societal discontent – it will come as no surprise that I think this is a track that needs to be added immediately to the playlist.

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The Braves – People – Video

The Australian alt-rock trio The Braves are finalising details for the release of the LP, Carry On The Con, next year.

The Braves

The Braves

Most recently to be revealed from the forthcoming album is People.

A track which once again offers a different inflexion to their sound, which is a feature of their output, with The Braves never being intimidated by the idea of exploring different avenues. In People, whilst retaining their sense of foreboding which is an ever present mainstay of the output, there is a more open in architecture than much of their previous material.

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