ViceVersa – Soulja – Audio

The US alt-rock trio ViceVersa released the AA side single Soulja​/​Hip Hop yesterday.

ViceVersa - Soulja


Available on bandcamp, the release comprises of tracks with very different temperaments – Hip Hop being a grime cover version while Soulja – my pick of the release being a funky dirty-blues number that bleeds extended guitar riffs through the room which find the listener bending the strings on their air-guitar while knotting their finger joints in accompaniment.

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ViceVersa – Funk Your Face – Audio

The US alt-rock trio ViceVersa released the LP The Electric Flame on the 12th.



A nine track album (available on bandcamp) full of brightly wrapped sweets in a pick and mix selection, each a delight in its own right and as a collection makes for a just over half an hour of goodies to savour.

Ranging from garage fuzz, through flourishing rock riffs to psychedelic kaleidoscopes the songs on The Electric Flame always has an analogue texture giving the music a retro-feel.

A band I look forward hearing more from in short order. By way of an introduction the middle track is Funk Your Face.


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