Band of the Month – January 2017 – Readers’ Choice

The first month of 2017 draws to a close and time for the Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month for January.

Jesse Dean - Band Of The Month - January 2017

Jesse Dean

From the USA – Jesse Dean.

Arkansas Amplifier is available on bandcamp.

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Phil Lomac – World Of Pain – Audio

The US alt-folk creator Phil Lomac will be releasing the LP Northern Cities Southern Stars on the 24th of March.

Phil Lomac

Phil Lomac

A mellowing roughly twenty six minutes, seven track, album (available on bandcamp) in which the listener can lay back and relax in the distinctively Southern-blues infused material that is globally accessible, perhaps due to Phil being based in Chicago, while his childhood was predominately based in Germany and thus transposing various ideas from very different climes.

However it occurs, rather than tight border controls and insularity as espoused by the President of the USA, there is an inclusiveness to the music which extends a welcoming arm to everyone. Once again evidencing music is far more than a geo-political passport control – if only the world of bureaucracy was thus minded, it would be a far better place for everyone.

From the forthcoming LP World Of Pain is the second number.


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Crusasis – Human – Audio

The US smoky-folk project of Ryan Smith – Crusasis released the EP Home Again earlier this month.



A roughly sixteen minutes, four track, release (available on bandcamp) that takes the listener on a narrative of perturbations of direct relationships and more broadly – societal interlinking.

Whilst the first three numbers are reflective of an inner sadness, the closer extends an arm of mutual cohesiveness and support, though don’t expect to be dancing down the aisle even with Survive.

Longer stay readers will not be surprised to discover my pick of the release is from the more melancholic section of Home Again – the opener Human.

social media page

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Afrovelvet + Nate Gski – Peacocks & Pigeons – Audio

The US alt-hop creators  Afrovelvet and Nate Gski collaborated to release the three track single Not Just A Body on the 31st.

Afrovelvet and Nate Gski

Afrovelvet and Nate Gski

Delivering a message of changing a societal normality in the USA where not being White instantly results in discrimination, preconception and marginalisation.

In Not Just A Body (available on bandcampAfrovelvet + Nate Gski don’t rail in a rage, rather approach the quandary with an ethereal grace which, for its delicate feathering, leaves the listener in contemplative mood.

The opening track is Peacocks & Pigeons.

Afrovelvet website

Nate Gski social media page

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Mercy Weiss – Evil Baby – Single Review

Mercy Weiss is a chanteuse from the USA.

Mercy Weiss

Mercy Weiss

Regular readers will know whenever that descriptor of a genre arrives that I am suggesting this is music best heard with a strong cigarette being inhaled – preferably a gauloises in a smoke filled den in the La Rive Gauche with plenty of bottles of red wine to hand to share with friends in a convivial moment.

As so often is equally the case, in Evil Baby, the music is of more philosophical and counter-state proposition delivered in an eloquent yet dismissive style, which for that – gives it immense weight and  relevance.


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