J. Ryan Daniel – Felony – Audio

J. Ryan Daniel is a US sludge creator.

J. Ryan Daniel

J. Ryan Daniel

The latest track to appear, Felony, is an approaching nine minute doom laden darkness that clogs the synapses with a sound that reminds of squelching through a swamp in which the listener becomes stuck-fast by its hypnotic revolving beat.

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Small Life Form – Days Late – Video

Small Life Form – the US experimental-drone project released the three track single Late on the 12th.

Small Life Form - Days Late

Small Life Form

From the roughly thirty minute single – the opener Days Late – is just over twelve and a half minutes of distorted lo-fi electronic drone.

Late – Small Life Form is available on iTunes.*

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Spencer Knight – Be Somebody – Video

Spencer Knight is a US beatbox creator.

Spencer Knight

Spencer Knight

Within the past twenty four hours he has revealed his début beatbox single – Be Somebody – by way of a video.

Those of longer stay will recognise that whilst I often fall for a throbbing bass line – beatbox has always held intrigue going back to an article in 2009 about the Austrian voices only band Bauchklang.

Without further ado the many vocal reaches of Spencer Knight with Be Somebody.

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Black Demarco – Orange – Audio

The US ambient-electronics creator Black Demarco released the LP Good Day on the 11th.

Black Demarco

Black Demarco

The just over half an hour album hangs webs through the room as the drifting combines of synthesised sounds and instrumentation weaves one in to the other in fluctuating rhythms and shadowy spectrals with occasional vocals surfacing through the haze.

The ten tracks each delivers a different idea and therefore my pick of the release – the second – Orange – should not be taken as a marker of Good Day – rather a reflection of the ripples which burble through the speakers in a release well worth getting to grips with in short order.

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Elmer & The Ceramic Trees – Two Immortals – Audio

The US dark-synth project of Robbie Haas –  Elmer & the Ceramic Trees released the LP Maps of Outer Space on the 15th.

Elmer & The Ceramic Trees - Maps Of Outer Space - CD

Elmer & The Ceramic Trees – Maps Of Outer Space – CD

Drawing reference points from Joe Meek & The Blue Boys and the ground breaking EP I Hear a New World from 1960 (fully released as an LP in 1991) through new-romanticism and early Factory Records material Elmer And The Ceramic Trees delivers music which has both reflections of the past along with a freshness of its own as the slowly fading in and out synths drift through the room to the accompaniment of scant vocal, fluted guitar, tempered percussion and vaguely gothic overlay.

My pick of the release on the ten track album (available on bandcamp), is the opener Two Immortals.

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