MIRS – Moonlighting Mission Man – Audio

The US electronica project MIRS was introduced last year.

MIRS - Moonlighting Mission Man


The newest single to be released which came out on the 29th of August, available on bandcamp, whilst still containing the under-current of chants is a more pressing affair creating a song with expanding and contracting atmospherics which invites the listener on a journey of their own imagination as the track frameworks an internal narrative which each listener will experience uniquely whilst lost in their own thought processes.

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Jacob Quint – Drift Into Darkness – Audio

Jacob Quint is a US alt-rock creator.

Jacob Quint

Jacob Quint

Drawing influences from the ’60s onwards the tracks cover a range of ideas, though always of brooding coating. With regular reveals there is burgeoning  catalogue developing, though with no compromise in quality.

Revealed on the 30th of August, already Drift Into Darkness is not the newest track – though the one which I believe showcases the song writing ability to best effect.


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Runt. – Better – Audio

The US emo project Runt. released the three track single Good and Loud on the 30th of August.



A release that reflects on the ease with which it is possible to spend so much effort attempting to please others that sight is lost of ones own essential being and offers as a message the conviction that being true to oneself is more importance than being a chameleon regardless that any sense of isolation this may bring on occasion.

The closing track is Better.

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Good and Loud – Single – Runt. is available on iTunes.*

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Micah Metje – Happy Days – Audio

The US jangle-folk creator Micah Metje released the début LP Away With You on the 25th of August.

Micah Metje

Micah Metje

Immediately on hitting play the clouds of the day shrug from the shoulders as the bright strings of the music flow in to the room.  A six track album of various ideas, the vast spread of which is cored around bouncing guitar and beat with the occasional user friendly radio play targeting songs, therefore an LP well worth navigating.

My selection being the opener and most frees – Happy Days.


Away With You – EP – Micah Metje is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Band of the Month – August 2017 – Readers’ Choice

It is thanks to you, who continue to read the site, that enables less than radio friendly music to get a wider hearing and this months Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month is a fine example…

Dendera Bloodbath - Band of the month August 2017

Dendera Bloodbath

…from the USA Dendera Bloodbath.

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