Basic Bitches – White Bread President – Audio

The US based new-wave outfit Basic Bitches released the AA side single My Body, My Choice / White Bread President a few hours ago.

Basic Bitches - White Bread President

Basic Bitches

Following on quickly from the LP City Slackers the new single (available on bandcamp) is a snarling release that, rightly, takes fire at those who want to control others bodies and minds with the profits being donated to Planned Parenthood.

Both song titles summarise the concept of each composition – this is White Bread President.

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Basic Bitches – We All Moved To The City Now We Can’t Afford To Live – Audio

The US based new wave outfit Basic Bitches released the LP City Slackers yesterday.

Basic Bitches

Basic Bitches

The heat of the fury can be felt as the music emerges through the speakers as snarling vocals and angry drums chase through the room. The low register of bass pounds in to the ears with guitar harrying the audience. That isn’t to say that it is all about rage as lyric can be sarcastic humour as well as insightful commentary of the world around.

Best not to play this before having an appraisal, unless the idea is to loose the job, as pent-up frustrations will inevitably spill-over. A band to play with volume turned up to fully submerge in to the music.

From the bakers dozen album (available on bandcamp)  the opener – We All Moved To The City Now We Can’t Afford To Live.


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My Glorious – The Dark Idea – Video

It has been three years since the US based indie-synth trio My Glorious last featured.

My Glorious - The Dark Idea

My Glorious – The Dark Idea

Their latest single, which came out on the 13th is the appropriately named The Dark Idea that casts a shadow in to the room as the electronics and instrumentation graduate through each other in a rolling rumble of sound.

The Dark Idea – Single – My Glorious is available on iTunes.

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Mosquito Cabaret – Lost In A Maze – Audio

Mosquito Cabaret is a US based world-dance quintet.

Mosquito Cabaret - Photo by Tony Bijeaux

Mosquito Cabaret – Photo by Tony Bijeaux

With only one collection of songs to hear contained within the EP –  Lament of the Lonely Bloodsucker (available on bandcamp) there is much to enjoy in the four track, dozen minutes or thereabouts, release. Each song takes the listener to a different country for a traditional dance sound that finds the listener joyfully clapping hands and stomping feet, whilst the dark lyrical content contemplates of narrative of less sprightly mood, resultingly the audience is left with tears of sadness dripping from the cheeks whilst the eyes simultaneously sparkle in pleasure.

By way of an introduction – the second track Lost In A Maze – which directly references the mythology of Mr Sandman, who sparkles good dreams on those sleeping, whilst the lyric tells of brooding thoughts; highlighting the essential juxtapositions of Mosquito Cabaret and what makes them such a pleasure.

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Cyborg Asylum – Blitz – Audio

The US based dystopian-electronica outfit Cyborg Asylum are due to release the LP Never Finished, Only Abandoned on the 18th of April.

Cyborg Asylum - Never Finished, Only Abandoned - artwork

Cyborg Asylum – Never Finished, Only Abandoned – artwork

Within the past few hours the opening composition of the eleven –  Blitz – was made available in advance of the album.

Having had the opportunity to listen to the full release, I am able to attest Never Finished, Only Abandoned is an album to add to the collection on availability. An eleven track, just under three quarters of an hour LP which excavates its own sheltering bunkers under the listeners feet. A well put together release which has story-like flow to the collection of songs, that weave between dark apocalypse and moments of fleeting hopefulness and in many ways minds of the Jeff Wayne musical version of War Of The Worlds.

Blitz is the perfect scenario opening chapter for what follows and also my pick of the release – from its opening siren through to its closing burning wood – as the just under four and a half minute track shrouds the room in plaster wrecking drill-bits of electronics and wall collapsing bass loops.


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