Two Door Rev

Two Door Rev is the distortion-rock duo of Sam Watroba (Vocals / Guitar) and Jean Thorn (Drums) from Chico in the USA.

Two Door Rev - distortion-rock from the USA

Two Door Rev

The sounds shatter into fragments before they leave the speakers and once exposed to air they disintegrate further dissolving into grains of sand as they reach the ears.

Two Door Rev are a band best played loudly to maximise the effects of the distortion and screeching whorls of air pressure can be felt blowing across my forearms as I type. Given the levels of fuzz it would be easy to assume that the music is not of compositional substance, though making such an assumption would be miss the whole point of the duo, who create as an art-form solid song writing and ability to deliver the music, which only then is desiccated.

With a couple of LPs (both available on bandcamp along with two singles) behind them it is evident that they have become more confident in their technique, merely asking the listener to open their minds to the unexpected and once done – spending time in their company becomes impressively cathartic.

From the LP Noise In The Same KeyScepters and Bombs.

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The art-rock project MIRS is centred around Amir Motlagh from Los Angeles in the USA who released the EP Canyon on the 6th.


Gnotti contemplates MIRS

On hitting play you will discover the sounds scrabbling under the floorboards in a freneticism of encroaching electro-static. With material dating back three years – sometimes as a solo project at others with collaboration there is an ever present sense of a mole digging tunnels in the dark and in Canyon we discover the culmination as the excavations reach sunlight.

Those of longer or more personal stay will know I have a dog – Gnotti who sits with me as I write articles and his pick of the release is the opening track of the LP (available on bandcamp) – for self evident reasons –  Coyote.

My selection is the closer Streetlight.

We both agree – an EP worth investing time to hear and a musical project to get to know in far greater detail.


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Dogstrum is an alt-rock trio from Seattle in the USA comprising Jake Flatt (Guitar / Vocals), Cody Plaiss (Bass) and Trev Flatt (Drums).

Dogstrum - alt-rock from the USA


Dogstrum deliver music that flexes between grungy garage and the well ordered lawn of rock ‘n’ roll, that in whatever guise pummels lumps out of the plaster as the pulverising bass jackhammers the room whilst mewling guitar claws at the arms and percussion flies like a scalded cat which is all brought to context by a growling blues-rock vocal.

Establishing a local presence in live performance, I would recommend getting to know them in the early stages of development as they potentially have far to travel in the music industry.

Having commenced life as a duo consisting of the Flatt siblings – last year they added full time bass and also found time to head into the studio to release their début seven track LP – which to get an idea of how they take angular perspectives on the world surrounding is the palindrome of the band name – so not quite an eponymous release – Murtsgod (available on bandcamp).

Perhaps the most intriguing track on the LP is the penultimate – Saturday Night – which includes a section of silence – reflecting of that moment when everything gets forgotten only to come back with a sense of trepidation on Sunday Morning. Though not my favourite track – which is the third on the LP – Crawl – that if it doesn’t have you at least thumping your fist into the air – means you are most certainly reading the wrong website for your selection of the best developing bands from around the globe.


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Left Over Jack

From Savannah, Georgia in the USA emerge Jim Robinson, Dorian Britt and Kyle Tekell who form the sludge-rock band Left Over Jack.

Left Over Jack - americana-sludge from the USA

Left Over Jack – americana-sludge from the USA

No matter where you turn the controls there is a puddle that splodges into the middle of the room from which Left Over Jack invite the listener to splash too.

The muddy drops scatter across the room in gloppy procession akin to a tumbril hefting the condemned toward the guillotine as Left Over Jack flux betwixt braked guitar damp and accelerated reverb that spirals across the room in displaced cobblestones of sounds as bass dredges the mud from the channels, whilst unanticipated sprightly percussion flicks daisy-chains which festoon the listener as ponderous vocal spirals around the room.

Far more than the sum of their parts Left Over Jack are a trio who are able to fuse Americana and gloop in a manner which engages those from which ever continent.

Left Over Jack have been able to cement confidence in their core sound which is reflected in the closing track of the four on the EP The Leftover Sessions – (Who’s Gonna) Want Your Love.


The Leftover Sessions – EP – Left Over Jack is available on iTunes.*

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Texas Never Whispers

Texas Never Whispers is the Austin, USA, lugubrious-indie quartet of Tim ReganJoel CalvinGreg Barkley and Momin Ahmad.

Texas Never Whispers

Texas Never Whispers

Those of longer stay will recall the names Greg Barkley and Tim Regan from an article about Oh No Oh My back in 2013. With similar sadness the curling evocations leisurely drift around the room planting damp mossy squabs as they progress, yet, even more expressive.

Time and contemplation has allowed Texas Never Whispers to formulate a bitter-sweet flavour to their sound – akin to taste of an orange zested chocolate mousse – at once warming whilst equally being sharp to the sense. The laid-back delays in guitar sway in comforting breeze to punctilious percussion and cursive bass allows vocals to flow freely to the supporting infrastructure.

Their latest EP The Further I Go West is set for release on the 9th and whilst each number is of interest, my pick of the EP and the second of the four also features a second vocalist Sabrina Ellis giving Texas Never Whispers an extra texture with a subtle haunting synth which lays in the background creating yet another dimension to sound.


The Further I Go West – EP – Texas Never Whispers is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.