Little Hurricane – OTL – Video

The US indie-synth duo Little Hurricane will be releasing the LP Same Sun Same Moon on the 14th of April.

Little Hurricane - Same Sun Same Moon - artwork

Little Hurricane – Same Sun Same Moon – artwork

With a very different set of brushes to music previously featured – OTL – the third of the dozen on the album is a hazy shadowy drifting flow of interweaving sounds.

Same Sun Same Moon – Little Hurricane is available on iTunes.*

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The Forer Effect – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun – Audio

The Forer Effect is a brand new emo trio from the USA.

The Forer Effect

The Forer Effect

Within the past eight hours new music has appeared that I am able to share with you.

There is an accompanying four track EP – Human Beings Are Stupid Fucking Animals And I’m Depressed Because I Am One by – Nick Beliveau (Guitar / Vocals), Sam Dawson (Drums / Vocals) and Calvin Thomke (Bass) in the moniker of The Forer Effect which by band name perspicaciously announces the output with exactitude of the introversion of construct by the descriptors of counterproductive Barnum psychoanalysis.

My selection from the EP is the second of the four – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun – with its bass strings hanging so low from the fret-board that the listener can envisage they drag along the floor prior to thumb reaching for notes.

A new social media page also surfaced today.

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All The Rest – Black Plague – Single Review

All The Rest is an alt-rock quartet from the USA.

All The Rest

All The Rest

The track Black Plague was released on the 7th. The mix of dirty blues guitar and preppy pop vocal give All The Rest a space of their own in a crowded-market.

There is an inherent danger that the boy-band vocalisation and synthetically-produced harmonising over the, to me delightful, roughly chopped fraying growling menace of guitars and drum-kit teeters on the verge of turning away both potential audiences. The fact that I am suggesting you spend time in their company indicates that I think in Black Plague it works successfully; though time will tell how purposefully with additional context.

I look forward to hearing what the future discovers for the quartet and I wish them every success.


Black Plague – All the Rest is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Delinquent Youth – Omen – Audio

The US dark-rock quintet Delinquent Youth will be releasing the EP A Great American Love Story on the 19th of May.

Delinquent Youth

Delinquent Youth

Combinations of gothic gloom and metal spikes emerge in to the room as Delinquent Youth reveal the first track on the forthcoming release – Omen.

As a precursor to A Great American Love Story – Omen intimates this will be a release to add to the collection.

social media page

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Painted Mirror – Inside Out – Audio

The US darkwave quartet Painted Mirror released their eponymous LP on the 3rd.

Painted Mirror

Painted Mirror

Draw the curtains closed, lay back, with only a flickering candle to play shadows across the room to best engage with the roughly twenty two minutes, six track, album (available on bandcamp).

The baffled soundscape delivered through the ethereal synths provides the backdrop to the dreamy spires of the music as padded sticks which sink luxuriously into the drum-skins give the compositions a darkly contemplative feeling that seeps into the marrow, whilst a dampened, yet ever persistent bass provides the depth of the compositions and delicately counterbalancing this shimmers a gently reverberating guitar with the deeply echoed vocal rounding out a sound that holds the listener in reflective silence.

The LP is a fine introduction to a band about a year in to existence and I am looking to hearing more of Painted Mirror very soon.

The third track, also (almost inevitably) the most uptempo, Inside Out is my pick of the release.


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