Buried Voices – Make Friends With A Murderer – Video

The US hard-rock quartet Buried Voices are set to release the LP Relentless Wolves on the 25th of February.

Buried Voices - Relentless Wolves - artwork

Buried Voices – Relentless Wolves – artwork

Surfacing initially is opening song on the seven track album – Make Friends With A Murderer – which is most judicially engaged whilst head is buried inside rattling stage speakers as burst eardrums bleed in joy with the surrounding growling menace.

Word has it that in addition to digital release Relentless Wolves (available on bandcamp) will also be surfacing as a Compact Disc.

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God Of Nothing – Bridge Burner – Audio

The US dark-metal outfit God Of Nothing are finalising details of the EP Silent Silhouette.

God Of Nothing

God Of Nothing

Bridge Burner – from the forthcoming release showcases their well measured style of delivery which allows God Of Nothing to develop the themes of their songs in thickly piled layers of sound that stride menacingly around the room.

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Winter – Bedroom Philosophies – Audio

The US ethereal-rock quartet Winter revealed the EP Daydreaming a few hours ago.

Winter - photo credit @jaim3silveira

Winter – photo credit @jaim3silveira

The approaching sixteen minutes – four track release floats around the room in calming quietness as Winter deliver their signature of gauzed guitar and vocal combinations which take the listener away from sense of space and time to relax in the music.

The second track is Bedroom Philosophies.

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Endlight – Darker Than Dreams – Single Review

The US dark-metal sextet Endlight released the three track single Darker Than Dreams on the 1st.



Opening with the Vethes Ariv – if you have not come across Endlight before you may consider that you are in for a symphony as delicate keys and flute disport themselves through the room prior to cascading drums and guitars hurtling, like water breaching a dam, from the speakers in a just over four minute track without vocal.

Next is Frost On The Wind which careens from the speakers prior to developing into an almost eight an a half-minutes of brooding orchestration which splices between two voices of disparate approach and again the flute, which spreads its wings through the piece, allows Endlight to surprise the listener with sounds of haunting fragility – my pick of the release.

The closer on Darker Than Dreams (available on bandcamp) is Worldreaver’s Cry – another track in which the sextet are able to sidestep the listener with a composition of first rate quality and intricate runnels.

I certainly look forward to hearing more of Endlight – a talented and able group of songwriters and musicians – unafraid to travel their own path.


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Terry Prince & The Principles – Latchkey Kid – Audio

The USA steel-rock quartet Terry Prince & The Principles released the EP You Are Here on the 30th of December.

Terry Prince & the Principles

Terry Prince & the Principles

Atypical combinations of instrumentation including bowed cymbals and lap-steel allow Terry Prince & The Principles to deliver music which, whilst steeped in american rock, has a distinctive sound that marks their music out for attention.

From the four track release (available on bandcamp) the closer is the subtle, yet infectious Latchkey Kid.

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