Nihiloceros – A​.​N​.​U​.​S. – Audio

Nihiloceros is a US furious-rock trio.



The music is in such a hurry to flurry across the room that the listener can sense the speakers bulging with a swarm of very angry hornets merely by reaching for the play button.

Nihiloceros recently released their eponymous five track EP (available on bandcamp). Whilst I do heartily recommend adding this to your collection I merely countenance anticipate spending a while plucking stings from your body after it recedes in to silence – or perhaps that is due more to do with the fact that I did listen to the roughly seventeen minutes release with the speakers playing so loudly that even the glass was bending in the window frames – though I can’t imagine any manner other than very loudly in which to fully revel in the output.

My pick of the release being the penultimate song A​.​N​.​U​.​S. .

I sense a month of superb music as already on the first article for December I already have a selection for the long-list for Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month.


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Moonwalker – Tunnel Vision – Single Review

The US indie-dance band Moonwalker released the single Tunnel Vision on the 28th.



Although only lasting for less than one hundred and sixty seconds by the time Tunnel Vision (available on bandcamp) disappears from the room the ambient temperature has already racked up to that of a warm summers day as the glowing, easy step, sounds flow through the room in combinations of inward spiraling guitar and synthetics set against a bouncing percussion which invites the listener to the dance-floor as the vocal flows between gruff throaty voice and finessed falsetto.

A song to bring out when dusk threatens to draw the heat away from the day.

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Band Of The Month – November 2017 – Editors’ Choice

Thanks and acknowledgement to all musicians around the globe who put their thoughts to sound as you do make the world a better place by your very existence…

The Judex - Band Of The Month - November 2017

The Judex

…Heading towards thoughts of the band of the month for November 2017 as selected by the Editor – the focus turns to the USA and the dial spins to rock’n’roll – to discover the selection is The Judex.

From the AA side single – Cult of Judex​/​Witchface – which is available on bandcampWitchface.

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The Bowling Alley Sound – Alabama Dissonance – Single Review

The Bowling Alley Sound is an avant-garde quintet from the USA.

The Bowling Alley Sound

The Bowling Alley Sound

Today is taking the shape of one in which my inept administration is on full display as once again – this is something that has been languishing in my email inbox for well over a week.

Prior to hitting play suspend all concepts of expected song structure and allow yourself the time to empty the mind of thoughts of natural breaks as the just under nine minutes of their latest single – Alabama Dissonance (available on bandcamp), is a continuum which spins in to an axis of buffeting side impacting interventions in a composition that was inspired by travelling down a motorway in the dark of night, under a violent thunderstorm with limited visibility due the intensity of rainfall with articulated lorries hurtling past and blinding lighting and roaring claps of thunder adding to the disorientation, yet with a consistent undercurrent, representative of the motion of a car serenely progressing down the road regardless of outside unquiet.


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The Ian Quiet Review – Hocus Pocus – Audio

The Ian Quiet Review is a dark-rock trio from the USA.

The Ian Quiet Review

The Ian Quiet Review

The room develops its own wave underfoot on hitting play as The Ian Quiet Review deliver their music which has an infectious beat that sublimates in to everything it touches.

The songs contain a dark menace that forms the signature of the output as the formidable vocal paces like a stalking panther while a captivating deeply resonating bass pulses through the ears whilst drifting synth and varied instrumentation melts through the snapping percussion.

From their recent début eight track LP – Seance Fiction – the second song – Hocus Pocus.

Seance Fiction will, if justice be served, raise their profile significantly from the strong and growing local live performance circuit they have thus far developed.

I apologise to one and all for the late handling of this as an email has been sitting in my email inbox for a couple of weeks.


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